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Provides support for a teaser image.

Project description


raptus.article.teaser provides support for adding a teaser image on article.

The following features for raptus.article are provided by this package:


  • Provides an image field for the articles.


  • raptus.article.teaser.full

  • raptus.article.teaser.right

  • raptus.article.teaser.left


  • collective.flowplayer

  • Products.ContentTypeValidator

  • raptus.article.core



JS Picture Galleries

By default this component opens images in a Products.jsImagePopups gallery.

To use collective.prettyphoto install the package and set the property teaser_rel_attribute to prettyPhoto.

To use scales simply set the corresponding properties to the name if the image scale.

If present, those will overrule the width and height settings.

available properties:

  • teaser_thumb_scale

  • teaser_left_scale

  • teaser_full_scale

  • teaser_popup_scale


To install raptus.article.teaser into your Plone instance, locate the file buildout.cfg in the root of your Plone instance directory on the file system, and open it in a text editor.

Add the actual raptus.article.teaser add-on to the “eggs” section of buildout.cfg. Look for the section that looks like this:

eggs =

This section might have additional lines if you have other add-ons already installed. Just add the raptus.article.teaser on a separate line, like this:

eggs =

Note that you have to run buildout like this:

$ bin/buildout

Then go to the “Add-ons” control panel in Plone as an administrator, and install or reinstall the “raptus.article.default” product.

Note that if you do not use the raptus.article.default package you have to include the zcml of raptus.article.teaser either by adding it to the zcml list in your buildout or by including it in another package’s configure.zcml.

Plone 3 compatibility

This packages requires which requires two pins in buildout when using Plone 3, which there are:

Products.Archetypes = 1.5.16
plone.scale = 1.2



call this view on myplone/@@blob-article-teaser-migration and run the migration. all media have a separate view at myplone/@@blob-article-media-migration.



Navigate to the “Components” tab of your article and select one of the teaser image components and press “save and view”. Note that at the article requires an image to be set in the edit form for the components to display.

Developer Manual

Note: You find a developer manual for raptus.article at raptus.article.core. Please have look there if you need more information.

Code overview



  • raptus.article.teaser.full

  • raptus.article.teaser.right

  • raptus.article.teaser.left



  • ITeaser - (Handler for teaser thumbing and captioning)
    • getTeaserURL - method (Returns the url to the teaser image in the specific size. The sizes are taken from the raptus_article properties sheet and are formed by the following name schema: teaser_<size>_(height|width)

      If the teaser_<size>_scale property is set, the corresponding scale is used.

    • getTeaser - method (Returns the html tag of the teaser image in the specific size The sizes are taken from the raptus_article properties sheet and are formed by the following name schema: teaser_<size>_(height|width)

      If the teaser_<size>_scale property is set, the corresponding scale is used.

    • getSize - method (Returns the width and height registered for the specific size)

      I teaser_<size>_scale property is set it retuns the actual size of the scaled image.

    • getCaption - method (Returns the caption for the image)


2.0b12 (2014-06-16)

  • Add a property teaser_rel_attribute to be able to use a js-gallery product other than Products.jsImagePopups.

    eg set it to prettyPhoto to use collective.prettyphoto.

    (this fixes #2) [fRiSi]

  • Add properties teaser_*_scale to be able to use scales instead of the raptus.article image sizes.

    This allows us to use [fRiSi]

2.0b11 (2013-07-22)

  • Use image scales defined in if it’s available and hard-coded ones if it’s not. [fRiSi]

  • Make teaser images croppable using if it’s installed. [fRiSi]

2.0b10 (2013-07-01)

  • No longer link to images if the displayed image is larger than the one linked to

2.0b9 (2012-01-23)

  • moved plone 4.1 compatibility fix into raptus.article.core to have it applied to the whole raptus.article suit

  • plone 4.1 compatibility by importing cmfcore permissions [fRiSi]

2.0b8 (2011-02-22)

  • add blob storage migration @@blob-article-teaser-migration

2.0b7 (2010-12-07)

  • Fixed French translations

2.0b6 (2010-11-10)

  • Added French translations

2.0b5 (2010-10-24)

  • Set zip_safe flag to False

2.0b4 (2010-10-21)

  • Updated readme and manual

2.0b3 (2010-10-20)

  • First public release

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