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Raspberry Automation Library and Voice Recognition

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Remote management for smart technologies

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You can access and control the pins and settings of your raspberry online.


Creating a Telegram Bot

To create our own bot account, we need to start talking to the BotFather bot. Click on the BotFather link, then after pressing the START button you will start talking. You will be greeted by the BotFather's help message. You can create your own bot by reading this message. After sending the /newbot command as a message, it will ask for the name of the bot. Right now we'll name it My Telegram Bot. You can give any name you want. It will then ask you for a username for your telegram bot. There are only 2 terms. It ends with either Bot or _bot. For example, usernames such as MyTelegramBot, mytelegram_bot should be used.

After choosing a username, BotFather will send you a message containing your bot's telegram url and token value. If you want, you can change or add features to your bot. By sending the /help command as a message, BotFather will send the message that helps you what you can do.

How to install?

This library works with Python 3. Please Install Python3.

sudo apt-get install python3 

Let's load the Raspauto library using pip.

sudo pip3 install raspauto

Create a python file and write the code at the bottom

import raspauto as ra

Bot Password : You set the secret password for bot usage.

Remember : You must send the password you set for the first use in plain text.

If there is an error in activating or deactivating the button, please give permission to write to the database with the help of the command at the bottom.

sudo chmod 777 ra.sqlite

How to add it to the beginning?

Download service file.


Perform the copy operation to add to the beginning.

sudo cp ra.service /etc/systemd/system/ra.service

The python file name must be for this process to work. Also, the file should be under the folder /home/pi. If you want to change it yourself. You can look at the sample service file under the demo folder.

We activate the service.

sudo systemctl enable ra.service

We start the operation of the system by rebooting.

sudo reboot

Telegram Bot Commands

Command Function Usage
Every key press It sends the defined pin lists as a button. -
/login Allows the user to log in. /login your_password
/start It sends the defined pin lists as a button. /start
/pinadd Adds pin information to the system /pinadd pin_name pin_number
/pinlist It shows the pin information attached to the system. /pinlist
/userlist It shows the user information attached to the system. /userlist
/pindelete Starts the Pin Delete process. /pindelete
/userdelete Starts the User Delete process. /userdelete
/rename Used to name the user. /rename name
/photo Takes and sends photos. /photo
/help Defined functions /help
/temp Give Temp /temp
/restart Restart Raspberry /restart
/libupdate Update Raspauto and Reboot /libupdate
/code You use it to execute code /code your_code
/commands Defined command list /commands

Version List

version 0.2.2.x 18/05/2021 22:26

  • Database has been used.
  • Pin and user deletion has been updated.
  • The /pinset command has been removed. Development continues for the new command.
  • Minor bugs fixed.


  • You can now run Code with Bot. / code
  • Replying to every message has been removed. instead it started responding to a single letter, number or /start commands.
  • /commands Function has been edited
  • Minor Bugs fixed.
  • Restart Function Fixed.


  • Minor Bugs fixed.


  • Library Update Function Added.


  • Temp Function Added.


  • Restart Command is RUN.


  • The descriptions have been created.


  • Camera support added


  • Telegram Button Usage Added.
  • Adding users via Telegram
  • User delete via Telegram
  • Added adding pin via Telegram
  • Added delete pin via Telegram


  • Firebase support has been replaced by Telegram.

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