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RCSB Python ExDB data extraction and loading workflows

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RCSB exchange database extraction and loading workflow tools


This module contains a collection of utility classes for extracting data from the RCSB exchange database and subsequently reloading processed or integrated data.


Download the library source software from the project repository:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Optionally, run test suite (Python versions 2.7 and 3.7) using setuptools or tox:

python test

or simply run


Installation is via the program pip. To run tests from the source tree, the package must be installed in editable mode (i.e. -e):

pip install -r requirements.txt   # OR:   pip install -i OpenEye-toolkits

pip install -e .

Installing in Ubuntu Linux (tested in 18.04)

You will need a few packages, before pip install . can work:

sudo apt install flex bison

Installing on macOS

To use and develop this package on macOS requires a number of packages that are not distributed as part of the base macOS operating system. The following steps provide one approach to creating the development environment for this package. First, install the Apple XCode package and associate command-line tools. This will provide essential compilers and supporting tools. The HomeBrew package manager provides further access to a variety of common open source services and tools. Follow the instructions provided by at the HomeBrew site to install this system. Once HomeBrew is installed, you can further install the MongoDB packages which are required to support the ExDB tools. HomeBrew also provides a variety of options for managing a Python virtual environments.

Command Line Interfaces

A convenience CLI exdb_exec_cli is provided for performing update and loading operations.

exdb_exec_cli --help

usage: exdb_exec_cli [-h] [--data_set_id DATA_SET_ID] [--full] [--etl_chemref]
                     [--etl_tree_node_lists] [--config_path CONFIG_PATH]
                     [--config_name CONFIG_NAME] [--db_type DB_TYPE]
                     [--read_back_check] [--num_proc NUM_PROC]
                     [--chunk_size CHUNK_SIZE]
                     [--document_limit DOCUMENT_LIMIT] [--debug] [--mock]
                     [--cache_path CACHE_PATH] [--rebuild_cache]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --data_set_id DATA_SET_ID
                        Data set identifier (default= 2019_14 for current
  --full                Fresh full load in a new tables/collections (Default)
  --etl_chemref         ETL integrated chemical reference data
                        ETL tree node lists
  --config_path CONFIG_PATH
                        Path to configuration options file
  --config_name CONFIG_NAME
                        Configuration section name
  --db_type DB_TYPE     Database server type (default=mongo)
  --read_back_check     Perform read back check on all documents
  --num_proc NUM_PROC   Number of processes to execute (default=2)
  --chunk_size CHUNK_SIZE
                        Number of files loaded per process
  --document_limit DOCUMENT_LIMIT
                        Load document limit for testing
  --debug               Turn on verbose logging
  --mock                Use MOCK repository configuration for testing
  --cache_path CACHE_PATH
                        Top cache path for external and local resource files
  --rebuild_cache       Rebuild cached files from remote resources

For example, to construct and load tree nodes list data collections, the following command may be used:

exdb_exec_cli --mock --full --etl_tree_node_lists --rebuild_cache \
              --cache_path ./CACHE  \
              --config_path ./rcsb/mock-data/config/dbload-setup-example.yml \
              --config_name site_info_configuration >& LOGTREE \

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