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Package to read .HND format images

Project description

# Module read_hnd

For interacting with HND file types

To set it up, you just install it as any other module:

pip install –user read_hnd

This should fix any dependency issues and hopefully work without too much issue.

### Module use: To run the code there are a few options:

Convert all the HND images in that folder and save then in a Processed subfolder

python -m read_hnd -f C:pathtofolder

Read and display the image

python -m read_hnd -i C:pathtoimage.hnd -p=1

Save the image

python -m read_hnd -i C:pathtoimage.hnd -o C:pathtosave.tiff

Also save the metadata

python -m read_hnd -i C:pathtoimage.hnd -o C:pathtosave.tiff -m C:pathtomeatadata.txt

### Use in python code: `python from read_hnd import read_hnd # Load module fp = read_hnd.HndReader(inputfile) # Create object to interact with file fp.headerData() # Read the header fp.pixelData() # Read pixel data (must read header first) matplotlib.plot.imshow(fp.uncompressedImage) # Show the image using matplotlib `

This is very much still a work in progress, so there may be bugs. For example, the metadata doesn’t seem to read correctly (i.e., you get some non-sensical values)

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