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$ [sudo] pip install readme-md


  • auto headers (if section 1st line not empty and not # header) - section name as header title
  • <section>.md files as sections
  • install, classes, functions, sections for project with setup.cfg


readme_md.Readme - generator. attrs and properties as README sections, ordered by order

method __doc__
get_sections() return all sections in a list of (name, string) pairs sorted by order
header(section_name) return section header string
load_sections(path='.') load sections from .md markdown files
render() return README string
save(path='') save to file


function __doc__
readme_md.get.attrs(cls) return README attributes of a class in a list of (name, value) pairs. object __readme__ required
readme_md.get.classes(modules) return list of README classes. module __all__ or __readme__ required
readme_md.get.doc(obj) return first line of an object docstring
readme_md.get.functions(modules) return list of README functions. module __all__ or __readme__ required
readme_md.get.methods(cls) return README methods of a class in a list of (name, method) pairs. class __readme__ required
readme_md.get.modules() load python files and return its module objects. setup.cfg [options] py_modules or packages required return README properties of a class in a list of (name, prop) pairs. class __readme__ required
readme_md.get.python_sections() return a dictionary with python project sections: install, classes, functions, cli. setup.cfg required
readme_md.get.spec(func) return a string with Python function specification
readme_md.tables.attrs(cls) return a string with class attributes table
readme_md.tables.classes(classes) return a string with classes table
readme_md.tables.cls(cls) return a string with class name, description and attrs+methods+properties tables
readme_md.tables.functions(functions) return a string with functions table
readme_md.tables.methods(cls) return a string with class methods table return a string with class properties table
readme_md.tables.usage(modules) return a string with cli modules usage table. python -m module or module USAGE variable (if defined). if __name__ == "__main__" line required


usage __doc__
python -m readme_md.create [path ...] generate


# .data/README/, .data/README/
$ python -m readme_md.create .data/README >
>>> class Readme_npm(readme_md.Readme):
    order = ["description","features","install", ...]
    disabled = ["generator"]

    def install(self):
        return "`$ [sudo] npm i -g %s`" % json.loads(path)["name"]
>>> Readme(".data/README").save("") # load sections and create

readme-md - generator

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