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Movie recommendation engine.

Project description


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Movie recommendation engine.

* Free software: BSD license
* Documentation:


* A Redis backend for storing movie and rating data.

* A simple user-based recommendations algorithm with swappable distance

* Item-based recommendation algorithm in work.

* A demo command-line client.

Try it Out

* Clone the repo::

git clone

* Create a python virtual environment with virtualenvwrapper::

mkvirtualenv recommendr

* Install requirements::

pip install -r requirements.txt

* Install recommendr::

python install

* First, import some MovieLens data into Redis::

python data/

* Run the demo program::


The demo program will ask you for ratings until you have rated 5 movies, then
it will give some recommendations. Recommendations should improve the more
times you run the demo program.

*NOTE*: If your Redis instance is somewhere other than ``locahost:6379``, set
the ``REDIS_HOST`` and ``REDIS_PORT`` environment variables. If you wish to use
a Redis DB other than 1, set ``REDIS_DB``.

Key Code Points

``recommendr.db``: Implements a Redis DB backend suitable for storing movie
and rating information


recommendr.get_user_based_recommendations(reviewer_id, num=20, similarity=sim_distance)

returns the top recommendations for a given user. It defaults to using
Euclidean distance for the similiarity function, optionally pass
``recommendr.similarity.sim_pearson`` to use the Pearson Coefficient.

Test Suite

I haz one:


python test


0.0.1a (2013-08-27)

* First release on PyPI.

Project details

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