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A suite of command line utilities for REDCap with a focus on API interaction.

Project description

REDCap Command Line Interface

REDCap CLI is a suite of tools for interacting with Vanderbilt University’s Research Electronic Data Capture, tool know as REDCap. These tools provide a command line interface for interacting with a REDCap server’s application programming interface (API). REDCAp CLI is written in Pythin and uses the PyCap library for all interaction with the API.


To install from source, use

python install

To install from the Python Package Index, use your favorite python package installer:

pip install redcap_cli


easy_install redcap_cli

Package Contents

REDCap CLI currently installs two utilities:

  • redcap_records - imports and exports data from a REDCap project.

  • redcap_metadata - exports project metadata from a REDCap project.

Usage Instructions

The redcap_cli utilities have a rich list of command line options. These options reflect the features and terminology of the REDCap API. To see the options supported by each tool. Run the tool with the “-h” option.

# -h
usage: [-h] --token TOKEN --url URL
                         [--verify_ssl VERIFY_SSL] [-i IMPORT_DATA] [-f FORMS]
                         [-t {json,csv,xml}] [--fields FIELDS] [-e EVENTS]
                         [-r RECORDS]

Read some data from a REDCap Project

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --token TOKEN         Specify the authentication/authorization token that
                        will provide access to the REDCap project
  --url URL             Specify the url of the REDCap server to connect with
  --verify_ssl VERIFY_SSL
                        Specify whether the SSL cert of the REDCap server
                        should be checked
  -i IMPORT_DATA, --import_data IMPORT_DATA
                        Specify the input data file to load into REDCap
  -f FORMS, --forms FORMS
                        Specify a list of forms, separated by spaces, for
                        which data should be returned.
  -t {json,csv,xml}, --type {json,csv,xml}
                        Specify the file type used as input or output. Valid
                        types: json, csv, xml
  --fields FIELDS       Specify a list of fields, separated by spaces, for
                        which data should be returned.
  -e EVENTS, --events EVENTS
                        Specify a list of events, separated by spaces, for
                        which data should be returned.
  -r RECORDS, --records RECORDS
                        Specify a list of records, separated by spaces, for
                        which data should be returned.

Input data

REDCap CLI tools consume data in the exact formats it generates for output. To generate an example input file, for a project, populate the project with the project with sample data and export it with redcap_records. The same data can be reimported when using the same command line options.

Output data

Data output by REDCap records is kept as close as possible to the native REDCap output. The output data is only modified to enhance readability on the command line or improve re-import.


This project requires Python 2.7 or greater and PyCap 1.0 or greater.


The redcap_CLI Team welcomes contributions to this project. Please fork and send pull requests with your revisions.

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