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Reddit bot for detecting and replying to famous quotes

Project description

Reddit Quote Bot

Reads all comments in selected subreddits and compares their comments to famous quotes. On a close match, replies with the full quote, crediting the original author.

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The bot periodically requests comments from selected subreddits, sorted by newest submissions. Each comment, is compared for similarity to a dataset of quotes using spacy. If a high similarity is detected, a reply is generated and posted as a response to the original comment.

Running a bot instance

Using Python

The package is available on pypi, it can be installed with:

pip install redditquotebot

A Spacy language model is also needed for natural language processing. Testing is conducted with en-core-web-md:

pip install

Generate the configuration and credential templates in the current directory (see reference below): -g

Start up the bot:

Using Docker

Currently, the only option is to build the container from source. Eventually, this will be pushed to Docker Hub.

Clone this repository:

git clone
cd redditQuoteBot

Build the docker container:

make build-image
# or
docker build -t etdds/reddit-quote-bot:latest .

Start up the bot. The configuration and credential templates are generated on the first run. Populate these files then restart the container.

# Initial run to generate configuration
docker run -v $(pwd):/home/app_user/run etdds/reddit-quote-bot

# Run the container, detached, restarting unless stopped.
docker run --restart unless-stopped -d -v $(pwd):/home/app_user/run etdds/reddit-quote-bot

The mounted directory is used to store the configuration files, credentials, comment and reply records and state.

Runtime file descriptions

The bot uses four files during runtime, these are created and stored in the directory from where the bot is started.


The configuration file configuration.json is created the first time is run, and read once on startup.

  "reddit": {
    "subreddits": [
    "new_submissions_per_request": 10,
    "max_comments_per_request": 100,
    "minimum_comment_length": 15
  "bot": {
    "reply_to_comments": true,
    "reply_threshold": 0.99,
    "matched_quotes_to_log": 3,
    "remove_own_comments": true,
    "remove_comment_threshold": -1
  "nlp": {
    "match_store_threshold": 0.97,
    "quote_comment_length_delta": 0.7,
    "minimum_comment_sentence_word_length": 5,
    "quote_length_bonus_coefficient": 0.0008,
    "quote_length_bonus_start": 6,
    "quote_length_bonus_end": 10,
    "matched_sentence_coefficient": 0.5,
    "discard_comments_with_author": true
  "records": {
    "maximum_comment_count": 0,
    "maximum_match_count": 100,
    "maximum_reply_count": null
Section Subsection Description
reddit subreddit List of subreddits from which comments are taken
new_submissions_per_request The maximum number of submissions (posts) which are taken
max_comments_per_request The maximum number comments which are queried per request.
minimum_comment_length The minimum length of a comment which is stored. Shorter comments are discarded.
bot reply_to_comments If set to true, replies are posted to reddit. If false, they are only logged in records.json
reply_threshold The NLP score needed in order for a reply to be sent. Ranging between 0-1
matched_quotes_to_log The number of matches above match_store_threshold to log.
remove_own_comments Toggle the bot's ability to remove it's own comments
remove_comment_threshold Toggle the comment score at which a comment is removed. Comments which score equal or below this value are removed.
nlp match_store_threshold The NLP score threshold for comments which are stored, under matches in records.json
quote_comment_length_delta The maximum difference ratio between the length of a comments sentence and quote sentence to be compared. Quote / comment sentence ratios outside this range are discarded.
minimum_comment_sentence_word_length The minimum word length a comment needs to be in order to be compared with a quote.
quote_length_bonus_coefficient The coefficient applied per word to the NLP score for comment quote sentences matches when they longer than quote_length_bonus_start
quote_length_bonus_start The starting quote sentence length needed for the NLP score bonus to be applied.
quote_length_bonus_end The maximum quote sentence length to which a bonus NLP score is applied.
discard_comments_with_author Define if comments should be matched to quotes when the body of the comment contains the author of the quote
records maximum_comment_count Specify the maximum number of comments to be logged in records.json . 0 = None, null = No limit
maximum_match_count Specify the maximum number of matches to be logged in records.json. 0 = None, null = No limit
maximum_reply_count Specify the maximum number of replies to be logged in records.json. 0 = None, null = No limit
maximum_removed_comment_count Specify the maximum number of removed comments to be logged in records.json. 0 = None, null = No limit


The credentials file credentials.json is created the first time is run, and read once on startup. Currently, this means the credentials are stored in plain text. This should be changed.

The fields for the reddit object are identically named, and passed directly to Praw. See Praw's documentation here.

  "reddit": {
    "user_agent": "",
    "client_id": "",
    "client_secret": "",
    "username": "",
    "password": ""


The record file, records.json is automatically generated and updated during the bots runtime. A minimum example would look like:

Comments Section

Contains a log of all comments fetched which meet the minimum length criteria, have not been edited, and are not part of the author blacklist.

Matches Section

Contains a log of all comments and quotes which matched with a score above the match_store_threshold score.

Replies Section

Contains a log of all replies which have been sent (or just logged if reply_to_comments is set to false). These are generally matches with a score above reply_threshold.

Removed Section

Contains a log of all self-posted comments that the bot has removed.

Banned Subreddit Section

Contains a list of subreddits which the bot thinks it is banned from. This is determined by receiving a forbidden exception when trying to post a reply.

    "records": {
      "comments": [
          "body": "Eight billion people, it is a momentous milestone for humanity\n\nYet, I realise this moment might not be celebrated by all.\n\nInstead of the fear of overpopulation, we should focus on the overconsumption of the planet\u2019s resources by the wealthiest among us.",
          "utc": 1667800195.0,
          "author": "cop3213",
          "url": "",
          "subreddit": "r/worldnews",
          "edited": false,
          "uid": "ivdteb8"
      "matches": [
          "comment": {
            "body": "The question feels very cryptic. What are you trying to do?",
            "utc": 1667805202.0,
            "author": "dbug89",
            "url": "",
            "subreddit": "r/AusFinance",
            "edited": false,
            "uid": "ivdzyjj"
          "quote": {
            "body": "Always do what you are afraid to do.",
            "author": "Ralph Waldo Emerson",
            "category": [
          "score": 0.9728559309059505
      "replies": [
          "quote": {
            "body": "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.",
            "author": "Joseph Heller,",
            "category": [
          "comment": {
            "body": "*just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you*",
            "utc": 1667874409.0,
            "author": "peter-doubt",
            "url": "",
            "subreddit": "r/worldnews",
            "edited": false,
            "uid": "ivhyeqv"
          "body": "Hi peter-doubt,\n\nIt looks like your comment closely matches the famous quote:\n\n\"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.\"\n\nJoseph Heller,\n\nI'm a bot and this action was automatic. [project source](\n        "
      "removed": [
          "body": "Hi Mikey2bz,\n\nIt looks like your comment closely matches the famous quote:\n\n\"It hurts to let go. Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold on to something or someone the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you, because you think that your feelings were wrong and it makes you feel so small because it's so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn't coma back. You're left so alone that you can't explain. Damn, there's nothing like that, is there? I've been there and you have too. You're nodding your head.\" - Henry Rollins,\n\n*I'm a bot and this action was automatic [Project source](*",
          "utc": 1669551675.0,
          "author": "redditQuoteBot",
          "url": "",
          "subreddit": "r/Futurology",
          "edited": false,
          "uid": "ixyo0nc",
          "score": -2
      "banned_subreddits": [

Bot State

The current state of the bot is stored in an autogenerated file scrape_state.json. Currently, this only keeps a log of the latest comment timestamp in UTC for each subreddit queried.

  "latest_comments": {
    "worldnews": 1667877818.0,
    "science": 1667877772.0,
    "AusFinance": 1667877814.0,
    "news": 1667877770.0,
    "ShowerThoughts": 1667877860.0,
    "askscience": 1667875135.0,
    "nottheonion": 1667877792.0,
    "space": 1667877875.0,
    "books": 1667877515.0,
    "UpliftingNews": 1667877390.0,
    "test": 1667856381.0


The repository is setup to use VSCode with the remote development plugin. Everything should be self-contained within this environment.

Contributions and suggestions welcome. Open and an issue or formulate a pull request.

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