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LRU cache for Python. Use Redis as backend. Provides a dictionary-like object as well as a method decorator.

Project description



pip install redis-lru


It’s often useful to have an lru redis cache. Of course, it’s also desirable not to have the cache grow too large, and cache expiration is often desirable. This module provides such a cache.

redis-lru supports CPython 3.4+

For the most part, you can just use it like this:

import redis
from redis_lru import RedisLRU

client = redis.StrictRedis()
cache = RedisLRU(client)

def f(x):
    print("Calling f({})".format(x))
    return x

f(3) # This will print "Calling f(3)", will return 3
f(3) # This will not print anything, but will return 3 (unless 15 minutes have passed between the first and second function call).

Additionally a datetime.time object can be provided to clear the cache at a specific time of the day:

@cache(expire_on=datetime.time(hour=8)) # clear at 08:00 o'clock
def b(x):
    print("Calling f({})".format(x))
    return x


  • Fixed support of non-hashable values


  • Added new expire_on parameter for @cache & RedisLRU support set ttl by datetime.time objects


  • Refactor RedisLRU class for a clean and neat implement.

  • Stop supporting Python 2.

  • Fix bugs in test cases.

  • Added clean cache option at process exit.


  • Generate unique_key automatically so your may never get touch this argument.

  • Improved exception processing, now you won’t receive any exception by default.

  • Added unittest for redis_lru_cache decorator and RedisLRUCacheDict

  • Added more type of cache usage statistic type like POP, DEL etc.

  • Added changes log.

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