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Run sandboxed Redis instance from a python application.

Project description

Redis Box

Redis Box helps starting and stopping a sandboxed Redis instance
from within a Python process. The Redis instance is run with a
temporary directory to store any files and is configured to
be as lightweight as possible. It will choose a free port on localhost,
so it will not interfere with default Redis processes.
It is primarily expected to be used in unit tests and for prototyping concepts.

A typical use of a Redis Box:

from redisbox import RedisBox

box = RedisBox()

client = box.client() # redis client

# do stuff with Redis

box.stop() # Raises error


Redis Box comes with a Nose plugin which is automatically installed.
If used as a plugin, port of the running instance will be exported
in environment variable `REDISBOX_PORT`. This name can be overridden
in settings.

The plugin exposes several configuration options. To see them, run:

nosetests --help

The options you are interested in start with `--redisbox-`.

Unit tests

For an easy unit tests integration there is a `RedisTestCase` class
inherited from `unittest.TestCase`. It assumes tests are run from `nosetests`
with `--with-redisbox` flag. `RedisTestCases` provides a `redis` client
connected to the sandboxed redis instance and a `purge_database` helper
to clean up the database after every test:

from redisbox.unittest import RedisTestCase

class MyTest(RedisTestCase):
def setUp(self):

def tearDown(self):


Get it from PyPi:

pip install redisbox

Get it from GitHub:

pip install


Ziad Sawalha


RedisBox is based on mongobox by Roman Kalyakin.

For a list of contributors see ``.

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