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A simple redis ORM

Project description


A simple Redis ORM that only a madman would use in production.
The red in RedORM both means Redis as well as the color red, as red is the fastest colour!

Quick Start

To install pip install redorm

from dataclasses import dataclass
from redorm import RedormBase, one_to_one, one_to_many, many_to_one, many_to_many

class Person(RedormBase):
    name: str
    age: int
    siblings = many_to_many(foreign_type="Person", backref="siblings")
    dad = many_to_one(foreign_type="Person", backref="children")
    children = one_to_many(foreign_type="Person", backref="dad")
    favourite_color = one_to_one("Color", backref="liker")

class Color(RedormBase):
    name: str
    liker = one_to_one(Person, backref="favourite_color")
>>> red = Color.create(name="Red")
>>> homer = Person.create(name="Homer", age=50, favourite_color=red)
>>> print(repr(homer.favourite_color))
Color(id='dcb9aa50-554a-40a5-9acf-7d86c982e5ee', name='Red')
>>> print(repr(homer.children))
>>> bart = Person.create(name="Bart", age=11, dad=homer)
>>> print(repr(homer.children))
[Person(id='424cd574-5382-4d34-89da-7233b3928405', name='Bart', age=11)]
>>> print(repr(bart.favourite_color))
>>> blue = Color.create(name="Blue", liker=bart)
>>> print(repr(bart.favourite_color))
Color(id='dc9df3c2-c592-4d87-a45e-f88a346342b4', name='Blue')
>>> print(repr(blue.liker))
Person(id='424cd574-5382-4d34-89da-7233b3928405', name='Bart', age=11)
>>> lisa = Person.create(name="Lisa", age=9,, siblings=[bart])
>>> print(repr(homer.children))
[Person(id='205a459a-572c-41af-bae3-e6e730aada97', name='Lisa', age=9), Person(id='424cd574-5382-4d34-89da-7233b3928405', name='Bart', age=11)]
>>> = None
>>> print(repr(homer.children))
[Person(id='205a459a-572c-41af-bae3-e6e730aada97', name='Lisa', age=9)]

Why Redorm?

  • Thread Safe
  • Very fast
  • Super simple to use
  • Very little boilerplate

Why not Redorm?

  • Made in an afternoon
  • Unlikely to be maintained
  • Not thoroughly tested
  • Writing your own ORM is fantastic for learning, but you should not use it in prod

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