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This package is made especially for developers or web scrapers for saving time while scraping the information.

Project description


This package is made to developers for saving them time while playing in scraping the information.

Feature's of this project

  • Find's any format of phone number irrespective of the country.
  • Can find links from the string.
  • Can extract the mail id from a string.
  • Removes any links from the string.
  • Return's the index of the matching word present in the string as a list.
  • Can replace any word provided with a new word.

How to install and use it.

pip install regxdev

from regxdev import regxdev as rd

  • For finding phone number from the string you passed.

    result = rd.phone_finder("PASS THE STRING CONTAINING NUMBEERS") returns list of phone numbers

    Note: This method works only if numbers start with the prefix '+' and not containing parentheses.

  • For finding links.

    result = rd.link_finder("PASS THE STRING") returns list of links in the string.

  • For extracting mail ids.

    result = rd.mail_extractor("PASS THE STRING")

  • For removing links.

    result = rd.link_remover("PASS THE STRING")

  • This returns a list of tuples that is the index of a matched word you were searching for in the list.

    result = rd.word_finder("WORD TO BE FOUND", "PASS THE STRING")

    For example: when you run the above line you get output similar to result = [(2, 5), (11, 14)] each item are tuples, which contains the start index and end index of the word. you can use this tuple and by slicing the string you will have the word.

  • To replace any word from the string irrespective of length.

    result = rd.word_replacer("WORD TO REPLACE", "WORD TO BE REPLACED FOR", "PASS THE STRING")

    This returns a new string with a replaced character.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problem or looking for any new implementation or any idea/suggestion.

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