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Easily download releases from sites like Github and Gitea

Project description


Easily download releases from sites like Github and Gitea

Original repo

Originally hosted at


From pypi pip install release-gitter

Alternatively, you can download and run that file as long as you have requests installed.


At minimum, release-gitter can be used to download the latest release file for a given repo using something like the following:

release-gitter --git-url "super-tool-{version}-{system}-{arch}"

Originally created for downloading binary releases for pre-commit hooks, so it also has features to detect the remote repo automatically using git remote get-url origin, as well as detecting the currently checked out version by parsing metadata files (currently only Cargo.toml).

In practice, it means that for a project like StyLua, when run within the repo one would only need to provide:

release-gitter --extract-files "stylua" --exec "chmod +x stylua" \
    --map-system Windows=win64 --map-system Darwin=macos --map-system=linux=Linux \

And release-gitter will get the release version from the Cargo.toml, get the URL from the git remote, call the Github API and look for a release matching the templated file name, extract the stylua file from the archive, and then make it executable. Alternatively, if you're project --version-git-tag can be used to pull the version from the latest tag. This will automatically do a shallow fetch (depth = 1), but this can be supressed with --version-git-no-fetch.

This allows a single command to be run from a checked out repo from pre-commit on any system to fetch the appropriate binary.

Additionally, it can be used to simplify install instructions for users by providing the --git-url option so it can be run from outside the repo.

Full usage is as follows:

usage: release-gitter [-h] [--hostname HOSTNAME] [--owner OWNER] [--repo REPO]
                      [--git-url GIT_URL] [--version VERSION]
                      [--version-git-tag] [--version-git-no-fetch]
                      [--map-system MAP_SYSTEM] [--map-arch MAP_ARCH]
                      [--exec EXEC] [--extract-files EXTRACT_FILES]
                      [--extract-all] [--url-only]

positional arguments:
  format                Format template to match assets. Eg

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --hostname HOSTNAME   Git repository hostname
  --owner OWNER         Owner of the repo. If not provided, it will be
                        retrieved from the git url
  --repo REPO           Repo name. If not provided, it will be retrieved from
                        the git url
  --git-url GIT_URL     Git repository URL. Overrides `git remote` detection,
                        but not command line options for hostname, owner, and
  --version VERSION     Release version to download. If not provied, it will
                        look for project metadata
  --version-git-tag, -t
                        Get the release version from a git tag
                        Shallow fetch tags prior to checking versions
  --map-system MAP_SYSTEM, -s MAP_SYSTEM
                        Map a platform.system() value to a custom value
  --map-arch MAP_ARCH, -a MAP_ARCH
                        Map a platform.machine() value to a custom value
  --exec EXEC, -c EXEC  Shell commands to execute after download or extraction
  --extract-files EXTRACT_FILES, -e EXTRACT_FILES
                        A list of file name to extract from downloaded archive
  --extract-all, -x     Shell commands to execute after download or extraction
  --url-only            Only print the URL and do not download

Pre-Commit usage

This can be used a way to wrap a binary release from a Github or Gitea by adding a pyproject.toml file to your current project directory and adding a .pre-commit-hooks.yaml file.

Take a look at the ./sample_pseudo_bin directory to see an example.

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