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remotecv is an OpenCV worker for facial and feature recognition

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RemoteCV is a queued mechanism to run OpenCV computations and store them for later usage.

Currently, Thumbor uses remotecv to outsource facial or feature detection, but nothing stops you from integrating it into your product.

RemoteCV supports both PyRes and Celery for queueing back-end.


pip install remotecv

Run local

Clone the repository:

git clone

Create a virtualenv:

cd remotecv
mkvirtualenv remotecv

Install dependencies:

make setup


make run

After installing the project, you can execute


If you want a healthcheck handler, you must pass an argument in remotecv execution. You can also specify the http server port, the default http server port is 8080.

remotecv --with-healthcheck --server-port=8888


make unit

RemoveCV parameters

Usage: remotecv [OPTIONS]

  Runs RemoteCV

  Worker Backend:
    -b, --backend [pyres|celery]  Worker backend  [env var: BACKEND]
  Pyres Connection Arguments:
    --host TEXT                   Redis host  [env var: REDIS_HOST]
    --port INTEGER                Redis port  [env var: REDIS_PORT]
    --database INTEGER            Redis database  [env var: REDIS_DATABASE]
    --password TEXT               Redis password  [env var: REDIS_PASSWORD]
    --redis-mode [single_node|sentinel]
                                  Redis mode  [env var: REDIS_MODE]
    --sentinel-instances TEXT     Redis Sentinel instances e.g.
                                  'localhost:26376,localhost:26377'  [env var:
    --sentinel-password TEXT      Redis Sentinel password  [env var:
    --master-instance TEXT        Redis Sentinel master instance  [env var:
    --master-password TEXT        Redis Sentinel master password  [env var:
    --master-database INTEGER     Redis Sentinel master database  [env var:
    --socket-timeout FLOAT        Redis Sentinel socket timeout  [env var:
  Celery/SQS Connection Arguments:
    --region TEXT                 AWS SQS Region  [env var: AWS_REGION]
    --key-id TEXT                 AWS access key id  [env var:
    --key-secret TEXT             AWS access key secret  [env var:
    --polling-interval INTEGER    AWS polling interval  [env var:
    --celery-commands TEXT        SQS command  [env var: CELERY_COMMANDS]
  Other arguments:
    --server-port INTEGER         HTTP server port  [env var:
    --with-healthcheck            Start a healthcheck http endpoint  [env var:
    -l, --level [debug|info|warning|error|critical]
                                  Logging level  [env var: LOG_LEVEL]
    -o, --loader TEXT             Image loader  [env var: IMAGE_LOADER]
    -s, --store TEXT              Detector result store  [env var:
    -t, --timeout INTEGER         Timeout in seconds for image detection  [env
                                  var: DETECTOR_TIMEOUT]
    --sentry-url TEXT             Sentry URL  [env var: SENTRY_URL]
    --metrics TEXT                Metrics client, should be the full name of a
                                  python module  [env var: METRICS_CLIENT]
    --clear-image-metadata        Clears metadata when loading image
                                  [env var: CLEAR_IMAGE_METADATA]
  Memcached store arguments:
    --memcached-hosts TEXT        Comma separated list of memcached hosts
                                  [env var: MEMCACHED_HOSTS]
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

RemoteCV can also be configured via environment variables

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