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Transfer a local script file to a remote host and execute it.

Project description

Remote Runner

Transfer a local script file to a remote host and execute it.


  • Python 2.7 and Python 3 are supported.

  • Paramiko 1.10+.


pip install remrunner


from remrunner import runner
r = runner.Runner(host, username)

rval, stdout, stderr ='/path/to/local/')
if rval:



  • Great when using scripts to collect information from a large number of remote hosts.

  • No need to maintain scripts across multiple systems. Only the script versions on the local host need to be maintained.


Named files are copied to a temp location (./.remrunner/[PID]/) on the remote host, permissions are set to 0700, and script is then executed.

On cleanup, the [PID] directory and all contents are removed before closing the connections.


Class Runner

init(host, user, kwargs)

host : Required. IP Address or FQDN

user : Optional. Defaults to current running user on local machine.

keyword-args: auto_add : (Boolean) Defaults to True. Set Paramiko Client.AutoAddPolicy.

run(script, sudo, timeout, opts)

Run the named local script on remote host.

script : Path to script on local machine

sudo : (Boolean) Defaults to False. When true, the execution command on remote machine will be prefaced with “sudo “

timeout : (seconds, optional) Defaults to 10

opts : optional command-line arguments that will be passed to remote script.


Clean up temporary directories on remote host and close SSH and SFTP sessions.


  • Run remote script with sudo:, True)
  • Run remote script and specify a 60 second timeout:, False, 60)
  • Run remote script with timeout and optional arguments:, False, 15, "--verbose --interval=4")

Known Issues

Currently, as this is intended to be used for automation, remrunner assumes that SSH keys to allow password-less logins are already in place. There is no option to prompt for password or ssh passphrase. Maybe in a future release.

To Do

Could use better exception handling in a few places. Needs a tests. Probably needs sanitizing/de-tainting of optional user arguments.


Jeff Leary (sillymonkeysoftware -at- gmail -dot- com)

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