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Reolink IP NVR/camera API

Project description

Reolink IP NVR/cameras API package

Current version

The reolink_ip Python package allows you to integrate your Reolink devices (NVR/cameras) in your application.


This is a package implementing Reolink IP NVR and camera API. Also it’s providing a way to subscribe to Reolink ONVIF SWN events, so that real-time events can be received on a webhook.


  • Python 3.9


pip3 install reolink-ip

or manually:

git clone
cd reolink_ip/
pip3 install .


# Create a host-object (representing either a camera, or NVR with several channels)
host = api.Host('', 80, 'user', 'mypassword')

# Obtain/cache NVR or camera settings and capabilities, like model name, ports, HDD size, etc:
await host.get_host_data()

# Get the subscribtion port and host-device name:
subscribtion_port =  host.onvif_port
name = host.nvr_name

# Obtain/cache states of features:
await host.get_states()

# Print some state value on the channel with index 0:

# Enable the infrared lights on the channel with index 1:
await host.set_ir_lights(1, True)

# Enable the spotlight on the channel with index 1:
await host.set_spotlight(1, True)

# Enable the siren on the channel with index 0:
await host.set_siren(0, True)

# Now subscribe to events, suppose our webhook url is
await host.subscribe('')

# After some minutes check the renew timer (keep the eventing alive):
if (host.renewTimer <= 100):
    await host.renew()

# Logout and disconnect
await host.disconnect()


This is an example of the usage of the API. In this case we want to retrive and print the Mac Address of the NVR.

from reolink_ip.api import Host
import asyncio

async def print_mac_address():
    # initialize the host
    host = Host('', 80, 'admin', 'admin1234')
    # connect and obtain/cache device settings and capabilities
    await host.get_host_data()
    # check if it is a camera or an NVR
    print("It is an NVR: %s, number of channels: %s", host.is_nvr, host.num_channels)
    # print mac address
    # close the device connection
    await host.logout()

if __name__ == "__main__":

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