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Simple reporter for characters used in a file

Project description

This is a simple command line script that creates a list of all characters contained in a given document.

Download, Installation

repchar is available on PyPI <>.

Install with pip install repchar.


repchar [-h] -o OUTFILENAME [-v] [-c] INFILENAME

positional arguments:


optional arguments:
-h, --help

show this help message and exit


Filename for report

-v, --verbose

Set log level to INFO.


show program’s version number and exit

-c, --comb, --combining

Create special report for combining characters

The Reporter class

You can also use the CharReporter class in your own code:

>>> from repchar import CharReporter
>>> s = u"ABCD"
>>> r = CharReporter()
>>> r.feed(s)
>>> print(
chr hex     count   unicode
A   0041    1       LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A
B   0042    1       LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B
C   0043    1       LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C
D   0044    1       LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D

The count of each letter is stored in CharReporter.chars:

>>> r.chars
{u'A': 1, u'C': 1, u'B': 1, u'D': 1}

Special information about combining characters can be collected in CharReporter.combdir if you say so at instantiation:

>>> from repchar import CharReporter
>>> r2 = CharReporter(combining=True)
>>> s = u"Caffe\u0300"
>>> r2.feed(s)
>>> print("UTF-8"))
chr hex     count   unicode
C   0043    1       LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C
a   0061    1       LATIN SMALL LETTER A
e   0065    1       LATIN SMALL LETTER E
f   0066    2       LATIN SMALL LETTER F
 ̀  0300    1       COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT
                        1 with: LATIN SMALL LETTER E
>>> r2.combdir
{u'\u0300': {u'e': 1}}

Project details

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