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A GTK+ tool to create, delete and monitor CouchDB, AvanceDB, PouchDB and Cloudant replication jobs

Project description

.. |replmon| image::

|replmon| AvanceDB Replication Monitor
A GTK+ desktop app which can create, monitor and delete AvanceDB, CouchDB, PouchDB or IBM Cloudant replication jobs.
Runs on Linux/Gnome but can be persuaded to run on `Windows <>`_ or `OSX <>`_.

- Create new replications: single, multiple, to/from remote, drag and drop replication
- View active replication tasks
- Create and delete databases
- Compact databases
- Set database revisions
- Browse to selected databases
- Backup and restore databases

- Python 3
- GTK+ (pygobject)
- Keyring
- Requests

Install the latest release on ``pypi`` with ``pip``:

.. code-block:: bash

$ pip3 install replication-monitor

Alternately pull the latest code from our ``github`` repository:

.. code-block:: bash

$ git clone
$ cd avancedb-replication-monitor
$ ./

If you clone from ``git`` make sure you satisfy the ``requirements.txt`` file.

Project details

Supported by

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