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Repoload - a change request download tool.

Project description

Repoload - a change request download tool

repoload is a commandline tool, written in python3, that should make your life and daily work with the repo tool and the gerrit review system more pleasant.

repoload has currently only a very limited set of functionalities and a lot of TODOS in the code, but it's already useful. The possibility to download multiple CRs (Change Requests) by naming the crossrepo topic is the must-have feature, because it's not supported by repo itself.

The full feature list is:

  • Query gerrit for open CRs
  • Query gerrit for open topic names
  • Download a CR or multiple CRs linked by a topic at once.

It also works with gerrit using the autosubmitter plugin.


Before using repoload you have to install the script and configure the gerrit server URL. See below.

The primary use case of repoload is to easily checkout crossrepo/ CRs (Change Requests) from gerrit.


 # Change directory into the repo checkout
 $ cd to/repo/checkout

 # Bring your repo checkout into a consistent state
 # Beware: 'repo sync' maybe drops your local modifications without a warning
 # Backup your code changes!
 $ repo sync

 # Query the gerrit server for open CRs
 # You can use `grep` to filter for your coworker's CRs
 $ repoload changes | grep -i john
 123: Add feature A (Jon Doe <>) [topic: crossrepo/feature-a]
 128: Update library for feature A (John Doe <>) [topic: crossrepo/feature-a]

 # For downloading all CRs linked by a topic, just use the topic name
 $ repload download crossrepo/feature-a

 # For downloading only a single CR, use the CR number
 $ repload download 123

 # Build, test and have fun.

All repoload commands have an abbreviation:

 $ repoload c     # for 'changes'
 $ repoload t     # for 'topics'
 $ repoload d     # for 'download'

For further information see:

 $ repoload --help
 $ repoload download --help    # and so forth


The installation of repoload is possible over PyPI or by directly using the python script.


$ python3 -m pip install --user repoload

To manually install the self contained python script. Just drop the file in a folder that your environment variable PATH references.


$ mkdir -p ~/bin
$ cp repoload/ ~/bin/repoload
$ echo 'export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin' >> ~/.bashrc
$ chmod +x ~/bin/repoload  # ensure that the script is executeable

After that the command repoload should be available in a newly started shell and the command

$ repoload changes

should print a list of open change requests.

Repoload looks for the manifest repository configuration file to determine the URL of the Gerrit server. It works automatically if the current working directory is below a repo checkout. Alternatively, the environment variable ANDROID_BUILD_TOP can be set to the directory where a repo checkout is located. Finally, the URL can be set directly via the environment variable GERRIT_URL.

Create and publish a release

To create a release of repoload additional packaging dependency's are needed:

$ python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade twine setuptools wheel

Next the release which is described in the file gets packaged. The version number is taken from the repoload/ __VERSION__ string.

$ python3 sdist bdist_wheel

As final step the release can be uploaded to PyPI. See the PyPI documentation on how to configure the credentials for twine.

$ python3 -m twine upload dist/*


The code is licensed under the MIT License. See the file COPYING.


The project is open for contribution. Open a github pull request or send a patch via email. If you take the patch route, you can find our mail addresses in the git history easily.

Please add a Signed-off-by tag in the commit/patch message to state the copyright ownership and license information of your patch. Read Developer Certificate of Origin v1.1 to understand the meaning and obligations your are taking by adding your sign-off. Thanks in advance.

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