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A tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator

Project description


repoze.lru is a LRU (least recently used) cache implementation. Keys and values that are not used frequently will be evicted from the cache faster than keys and values that are used frequently.


Creating an LRUCache object:

from repoze.lru import LRUCache
cache = LRUCache(100) # 100 max length

Retrieving from an LRUCache object:

cache.get('nonexisting', 'foo') # will return 'foo'
cache.get('nonexisting') # will return None
cache.get('existing') # will return the value for existing

Adding to an LRUCache object:

cache.put('key', 'value') # will add the key 'key' with the value 'value'

Clearing an LRUCache:



A lru_cache decorator exists. All values passed to the decorated function must be hashable. It does not support keyword arguments:

from repoze.lru import lru_cache

def expensive_function(*arg):

Each function decorated with the lru_cache decorator uses its own cache related to that function.


0.3 (2009/06/16)

  • Add a thread lock around clear logic.

0.2 (2009/06/15)

  • Add a clear method.

0.1 (2009/06/14)

  • Initial release.

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