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Makes it possible to construct ZODB databases from URIs

Project description

Library which allows ZODB databases to be constructed from URI specifications.

See the docs directory for more information.

0.8 (2009-05-25)


Fix a bug in FileStorageURIResolver whereby fully-qualified paths to Windows files (e.g. file://C:\foo\bar\baz?a=1) were parsed incorrectly, resulting in a bogus file location.

0.7 (2009-04-23)


Added support for multi-databases in PersistentApplicationFinder. Just pass multiple URIs to the constructor, either as a list of strings or a single string with URIs separated by whitespace. Each database must have a distinct database_name. The first URI specifies the root database.

0.6 (2008-01-06)

Backwards Incompatibilities

dbfactory_from_uri now returns only a single argument (the factory).


Docs updated with argument values for file:// and zeo:// URI schemes; this file converted to real REST.

0.5 (unknown)

Pass layout to BlobStorage as a kwarg explicitly (for forward compatibility).

Depend on ZODB3 3.8.1+.

0.4 (unknown)

Add connection_cache_size, connection_pool_size, and database_name arguments to both FileStorage and ClientStorage URI resolver schemes. connection_cache_size represents the ZODB object cache size (the cache_size parameter to the DB constructor), connection_pool_size represents the ZODB connection pool size (the pool_size parameter to the DB constructor), and database_name represents the ZODB database name (the database_name parameter to the DB constructor). connection_cache_size defaults to 10000 (overriding the too-low DB constructor default of 400), connection_pool_size defaults to 7, and database_name defaults to unnamed.

0.3 (unknown)

Add ‘egg:repoze.zodbconn#closer’ middleware.

Add blobstorage and demostorage support to zeo and file resolvers.

0.2 (unknown)

Unknown changes

0.1 (unknown)

Initial release.

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