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Update python, node, go, docker, and other dependencies

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req-update is a CLI tool to automatically update python, go, node, and git submodule dependencies.


req-update requires no command line arguments. Running req-update will create a branch dep-update, check for outdated packages, and commit a series of commits to update packages.

$ req_update
usage: [-h] [-l LANGUAGE] [-p] [-d] [-v] [--version]

Update python, go, node, and git submodule dependencies for your project with git integration

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l LANGUAGE, --language LANGUAGE
                        Language/package manager to update.  Options are: gitsubmodule, go, node, python
  -p, --push            Push commits individually to remote origin
  -d, --dryrun          Dry run
  -v, --verbose         Verbose output
  --version             show program's version number and exit


  • Update python dependencies in requirements*.txt pip.
  • Update go dependencies in go.mod and go.sum with go modules.
  • Update node dependencies in package-lock.json with npm.
  • Update git submodules in .gitmodules with git.
  • Integrates with git, creating a branch with one commit per updated dependency
  • No third party dependencies beyond python 3 standard library
  • Automatic detection of python, go, node, and git dependencies; no CLI arguments required


  • req-upgrader - req-update integrates with git

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