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Serialization for Requests using JSON.

Project description

# Requestions

Requestions is a serialization library for [Requests]( using JSON. Also, requestions includes a decorator called httpetrified for storing responses and replaying them in the future for HTTP testing without the live interwebz.

## Installing


``` bash
sudo pip install requestions


``` bash
sudo python install

## Usage

``` python
# responses
original_response = requests.get("")
serialized_response = requestions.write_response(original_response)
response = requestions.read_response(serialized_response)

# requests
original_request = requests.models.Request(url="", method="POST")
serialized_request = requestions.write_request(original_request)
request = requestions.read_request(serialized_request)

## Decorator

Save responses in a json file, then use them later to make unit testing not so miserable.

``` python
import json
import requests
from requestions import httpetrified

def get_current_ip_address(self):
"Abuses some poor sap's ip address detection service."
response = requests.get("")
return response.json()["ip"]

def test_get_current_ip_address(self):
self.assertEqual("", get_current_ip_address())

## Changelog

* 0.0.7 - fix CaseInsensitiveDict problem
* 0.0.5 - fix broken, gah
* 0.0.4 - fix test for both requests==0.14.2 and requests>=1.0.3
* 0.0.3 - httpetrified decorator
* 0.0.1 - initial commit

## Alternatives

* [requests-vcr](

## License


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