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HTTPS CredSSP authentication with the requests library.

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About this library

This package allows for HTTPS CredSSP authentication using the requests library. CredSSP is a Microsoft authentication that allows your credentials to be delegated to a server giving you double hop authentication.


Currently only CredSSP is supported through NTLM with later plans on adding support for Kerberos. CredSSP allows you to connect and delegate your credentials to a computer that has CredSSP enabled.


requests-credssp supports Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.3+

Before installing the following packages need to be installed on the system

# for Debian/Ubuntu/etc:
sudo apt-get install gcc python-dev libssl-dev

# for RHEL/CentOS/etc:
sudo yum install gcc python-devel openssl-devel

To install, use pip:

pip install requests-credssp

To install from source, download the source code, then run:

python install


  • ntlm-auth

  • ordereddict (Python 2.6 Only)

  • pyOpenSSL>=16.0.0

  • requests>=2.0.0


With NTLM Auth

Currently this is the only way to use CredSSP, there are plans in the future to add Kerberos auth support as well.

import requests
from requests_credssp import HttpCredSSPAuth

credssp_auth = HttpCredSSPAuth('domain\\user', 'password', auth_mechanism='ntlm')
r = requests.get("https://server:5986/wsman", auth=credssp_auth)

Disable TLSv1.2

There is an option to disable TLSv1.2 connections and revert back to TLSv1. Windows 7 and Server 2008 did not support TLSv1.2 by default and require a patch be installed and registry keys modified to allow TLSv1.2 support.

import requests
from requests_credssp import HttpCredSSPAuth

credssp_auth = HttpCredSSPAuth('domain\\user', 'password', auth_mechanism='ntlm', disable_tlsv1_2=True)
r = requests.get("https://server:5986/wsman", auth=credssp_auth)

Message Encryption

You can use this library to encrypt and decrypt messages sent to and from the server. Message encryption is done over the TLS channel that was negotiated in the authentication stage. The below is an example of encrypting and decrypting messages, note this is only a basic example and not a working script.

import requests
from requests_credssp import HttpCredSSPAuth

# build the auth request and sent an empty message to authenticate
session = requests.Session()
session.auth = HttpCredSSPAuth('domain\\user', 'password')

request = requests.Request('POST', 'https://server:5986/wsman', data=None)
prepared_request = self.session.prepare_request(request)
response = session.send(prepared_request)

# encrypt the message using the wrap command
message = b'hi server'
encrypted_message = session.auth.wrap(message)

# send the encrypted message and get the encrypted response
request = requests.Request('POST', 'https://server:5986/wsman', data=encrypted_message)
prepared_request = self.session.prepare_request(request)
response = session.send(prepared_request)

# decrypt the encrypted response from the server
encrypted_response = response.content
decrypted_response = session.auth.unwrap(encrypted_response)


This library uses the standard Python logging facilities. Log messages are logged to the requests_credssp and requests_credssp.credssp named loggers.

If you are receiving any errors or wish to debug the CredSSP process you should enable DEBUG level logs. These logs show fine grain information such as the protocol and cipher negotiated in the TLS handshake as well as any non confidential data such as the 1st 2 NTLM messages sent and received in the auth process.


  • Add support for Kerberos authentication

  • Once above is added, auto detect which version to use, preference Kerberos over NTLM

  • Replace dependency of pyOpenSSL if possible with inbuilt functions in Python

  • Add support for different credential types like smart card and redirected credentials

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