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A static HTTP mock interface for requests

Project description

requests-staticmock Documentation Status

A static HTTP mock interface for testing classes that leverage Python requests with no monkey patching!


As a context manager for requests Session instances

The requests_staticmock

import requests
import requests_staticmock

session = requests.Session()
with requests_staticmock.mock_session_with_fixtures(session, 'tests/fixtures', ''):
    # will return a response object with the contents of tests/fixtures/test.json
    response = new_session.request('get', '')

As an adapter

You can inject the requests_staticmock adapter into an existing (or new) requests session to mock out a particular URL or domain, e.g.

import requests
from requests_staticmock import Adapter

session = requests.Session()
special_adapter = Adapter('fixtures')
session.mount('', special_adapter)
session.request('') # works as normal
session.request('') # returns static mocks

Class adapter

Instead of using a static asset adapter, you can use an adapter that expects an internal method to respond with a string, e.g.

GET /test/example.xml will call method _test_example_xml(self, request)

GET /test/example.xml?query=param will call method _test_example_xml(self, request)

This can be used via requests_staticmock.ClassAdapter or the context manager

import requests
import requests_staticmock

class MyTestClass(requests_staticmock.BaseMockClass):
    def _api_v1_idea(self, request):
        return "woop woop"

session = requests.Session()
with requests_staticmock.mock_session_with_class(session, MyTestClass, ''):
    # will return a response object with the contents 'woop woop'
    response = new_session.request('get', '')

Class adapter with unpacked requests

The class adapter supports unpacking of the following components, just add these keyword arguments to your callback methods and the class adapter will match them to the arguments.

  • method - The HTTP verb, e.g. GET

  • url - The full URL

  • params - The dict with the request parameters

  • headers - The request headers

  • body - The request body text

import requests
import requests_staticmock

class_session = Session()
class TestMockClass(BaseMockClass):
    def _api_v1_idea(self, method, params, headers):
        if params['special'] == 'value':
            return 'yes'
    def _api_v1_brillo(self, url, body):
        if json.loads(body)['special'] == 'value':
            return 'yes'

a = ClassAdapter(TestMockClass)

session = requests.Session()
with requests_staticmock.mock_session_with_class(session, MyTestClass, ''):
    response = new_session.request('get', '')


  • Allow mocking of HTTP responses via a directory of static fixtures

  • Support for sub-directories matching URL paths


This project takes inspiration and ideas from the requests_mock package, maintained by the OpenStack foundation.

This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.


1.4.0 (2017-09-01)

  • Class adapter correctly maps - character to _ as - is invalid method name in Python

1.3.0 (2017-09-01)

  • Add a property in MockClass for the adapter instance, helps when you want to respond with static fixture data

1.2.0 (2017-05-10)

  • Add support for case-insensitive file matching

1.1.0 (2017-05-10)

  • Add support for query params being part of the file path

0.8.0 (2017-02-02)

  • Add support for streaming requests and iter_content/iter_lines

0.7.0 (2017-01-29)

  • Add support version unpacking, class adapters now support a range of keyword arguments, provided in no particular order.

0.6.0 (2017-01-29)

  • Add support for the class adapter methods to return either a string or a response object

  • Moved to Py.Test

0.3.0 (2017-01-29)

  • Added a class adapter

0.2.0 (2017-01-28)

  • Added a context manager for the static mocks

0.1.0 (2017-01-01)

  • First release on PyPI.

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