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Python HTTP for busy people who don't have time to resolve version conflicts yet.

Project description

The requests library is a useful and well-written HTTP library for Python, by Kenneth Reitz.

In December 2012, Reitz released version 1.0 of requests and decided that it would break backward compatibility with the 0.x versions. This is a valid thing to do – after all, that’s what major version numbers are for.

Unfortunately, the state of Python packaging is pretty bad about managing multiple versions of the same library. There’s lots of code out there that depends on Requests 0.x, and it can’t all be instantly updated to 1.0.

Some libraries have been declaring a dependency on “requests < 1.0” using setuptools, which allows them to keep working if you use setuptools right. But the problem there is that you can’t ever upgrade to 1.x while using such code.

We want to make it possible to move to the shiny new Requests 1.x code. But we also want our code stack to keep working in the present. That’s the purpose of requests-transition. All it does is it installs both versions of requests as two different packages with different names.

To use Requests 0.14:

import requests0 as requests

To use Requests 1.0:

import requests1 as requests


To install this distribution, simply:

$ pip install requests-transition

For once it’s actually relevant that Python distributions can have multiple packages in them. This will install two packages, requests0 and requests1.

It will not install anything as a package named requests; that name still belongs to the real distribution of requests, whichever version of it you choose to install.

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