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res is a tiny command line HTTP client

Project description

# res
A tiny command-line HTTP client. Easily interact with HTTP calls at a faster speed within your terminal. Built on top of the requests library and meant to be a command line wrapper for requests.

Current version: v0.1.7

res v0.1.7

HTTP it up with python. Use res to make command line http calls. I made this to make
the development of my REST API to be a little bit easier.

res (-h | --help)
res (-v | --version)
res <method> <url> [options]

-d --data=<data> Send request data
-H --HEADER=<header> Defines custom headers
-a --auth=<auth> Authenticaton with 'user' and 'password' keys
-p --params=<params> Send request parameters
-b --bytes Returns content response in bytes
-r --raw Returns content response in raw format
-j --json Decodes content response from json
-c --cookie=<cookie> Defines cookies
-x --proxy=<proxy> Sends proxy with protocal as key and the port as value
-i --include Include headers
-h --help Show this screen.
-v --version Show version.

# Install
To download and install res, you must follow the instructions below.

### Install via PIP
$ pip install res

### Install via
First you need to get a copy of the source. I'm going to use git and clone it to my local machine.

Clone the repository into a folder
git clone res

Install with
$ cd res
$ python install

# Usage
Example GET, POST, PUT and DELETE calls
$ res GET

$ res POST

$ res PUT

$ res DELETE

Include headers
$ res GET -i

Send request data to the body
$ res POST -d "{

$ res POST -a "{

$ res POST -p "{ 'q':'names' }"

### Change data response content (new in v0.1.7)

Binary response -> bytes
$ res GET -b
$ res GET --bytes

Raw socket response -> raw
$ res GET -r
$ res GET --raw

JSON response decoder -> json
$ res GET -j
$ res GET --json

### Interactive Console
The interactive console current (v0.1.7) cannot pass any arguments that require dictionaries (i.e. --data, --proxy, --cookie, etc.). However, arguments like --bytes, --encoding, --raw, etc., are allowed.
$ res console
>>> get -e `// -e is for encoding`
>>> get
`response content....`

There are even more HTTP options that are compatible with res. Run the command at `$ res -h` to see all of the functions res wraps around.

# Contact
If you would like to contact me for further information on the project, see the info below.


Github: jawerty

Twitter: @jawerty

Blog: <>

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