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Resoto core graph platform

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The Resoto graph platfrom resotocore is the persistance and search backend of resoto. It maintains the graph of resources and provides APIs to update and access them. Within resotocore there are workflows consisting of steps that result in actions like collect, cleanup or generate_metrics. These actions are being received by components like resotoworker and resotometrics.

resotocore also provides the CLI API that resotoshell calls.

More information can be found in the docs.


  --psk PSK             Pre-shared key
  --graphdb-server GRAPHDB_SERVER
                        Graph database server (default: http://localhost:8529)
  --graphdb-database GRAPHDB_DATABASE
                        Graph database name (default: resoto)
  --graphdb-username GRAPHDB_USERNAME
                        Graph database login (default: resoto)
  --graphdb-password GRAPHDB_PASSWORD
                        Graph database password (default: "")
  --graphdb-root-password GRAPHDB_ROOT_PASSWORD
                        Graph root database password used for creating user and database if not existent.
                        Leave an empty root password during system setup process.
  --graphdb-type GRAPHDB_TYPE
                        Graph database type (default: arangodb)
                        If the connection should not be verified (default: False)
  --graphdb-request-timeout GRAPHDB_REQUEST_TIMEOUT
                        Request timeout in seconds (default: 900)
  --no-tls              Disable TLS and use plain HTTP.
  --cert CERT           Path to a single file in PEM format containing the host certificate. If no certificate is provided, it is created using the CA.
  --cert-key CERT_KEY   In case a --cert is provided. Path to a file containing the private key.
  --cert-key-pass CERT_KEY_PASS
                        In case a --cert is provided. Optional password to decrypt the private key file.
  --ca-cert CA_CERT     Path to a single file in PEM format containing the CA certificate.
  --ca-cert-key CA_CERT_KEY
                        Path to a file containing the private key for the CA certificate. New certificates can be created when a CA certificate and private key is provided. Without the private key, the
                        CA certificate is only used for outgoing http requests.
  --ca-cert-key-pass CA_CERT_KEY_PASS
                        Optional password to decrypt the private ca-cert-key file.
  --version             Print the version of resotocore and exit.
                        Override configuration parameters. Format: The existing configuration will be patched with the provided values. A value can be a simple value or a comma
                        separated list of values if a list is required. Note: this argument allows multiple overrides separated by space. Example: --override
                        resotocore.api.web_hosts=localhost,some.domain resotocore.api.web_port=12345
  --verbose, -v         Enable verbose logging.
  --debug               Enable debug mode. If not defined use configuration.
  --ui-path UI_PATH     Path to the UI files. If not defined use configuration..


If you have any questions feel free to join our Discord or open a GitHub issue.


See LICENSE for details.

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