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Boilerplate-free way for creating libs for REST APIs

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REST API lib creator

REST API lib creator is a boilerplate-free way for creating libs for RESTful APIs (specially the ones created using Django REST framework - but certainly adaptable for other frameworks).


  • This is a port for a personal project I made for myself. It may or may not solve your needs (it solves mine).
  • This is still alpha. I opened this on GH just so I can see if this is something I should improve (or not).


  • The bare minimum for creating your own lib:
from rest_api_lib_creator.core import ViewsetRestApiLib

class User(ViewsetRestApiLib):
    base_api_url = ''
  • With this you can play around with your API:
users = User.list()  # Triggers a requests.get with url=
isinstance(users[0], User)

user = User.create(first_name='Filipe', last_name='Waitman', email='', photo=open('image.png', 'rb'))  # Triggers a with url= and data={'first_name': 'Filipe', 'last_name': 'Waitman', 'email': ''} and files={'photo': <file binary content>}

# Similarly to the call above you could create an empty object and save it:
user = User()
user.first_name = 'Filipe'
user.last_name = 'Waitman' = '' = open('image.png', 'rb')  # Triggers a with url= and data={'first_name': 'Filipe', 'last_name': 'Waitman', 'email': ''} and files={'photo': <file binary content>}

isinstance(user, User)
print(  # Prints the user id (assuming the API returned this field)
print(user.first_name)  # )rints the user first name (assuming the API returned this field)
user.first_name = 'New name'  # Triggers a requests.patch with url=<user-id> and data={'first_name': 'New name'}

user.delete()  # Triggers a requests.delete with url=<user-id>
  • If your resource return other nested resources you can parse them as well:
class Pet(ViewsetRestApiLib):
    base_api_url = ''
    nested_objects = {
        'owner': User,

pet = Pet.retrieve('pet-id')
isinstance(pet, Pet)
isinstance(pet.owner, User)
  • See a more complete (and real world) example here
  • You can see all possible customizations here (someday I'll improve this doc).

Special thanks:


Run linter:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt
isort -rc .
tox -e lint

Run tests via tox:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

Release a new major/minor/patch version:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt
bump2version <PART>  # <PART> can be either 'patch' or 'minor' or 'major'

Upload to PyPI:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt
python sdist bdist_wheel
python -m twine upload dist/*


Please open issues if you see one, or create a pull request when possible. In case of a pull request, please consider the following:

  • Respect the line length (132 characters)
  • Write automated tests
  • Run tox locally so you can see if everything is green (including linter and other python versions)

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