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A composable SQLAlchemy based RESTful API library.

Project description

RESTful Ben

Ben's had a nap, he's feeling RESTful and ready to go.

A libray to assist creating SQLAlchemy, Flask, and flask-restful based APIs.


  • RESTful resources
    • Generates POST, GET (individual and list), PUT, and DELETE endpoints based on a SQLAlchemy model and a Marshmallow schema.
    • Query engine
      • Field selection
      • Filtering
      • Sorting
      • Pagination
  • Authentication
    • Username and password based sessions
    • CSRF
    • Session endpoint - login (POST) and logout (DELETE)
  • Authorization
    • Basic role based authorization
    • Roles map to HTTP verbs (GET, POST, etc)


Basic API

Create a model

class Cat(BaseModel):
    __tablename__ = 'cats'

    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
    name = Column(String, nullable=False)
    pattern = Column(String)
    age = Column(Integer)
    created_at = Column(DateTime,
    updated_at = Column(DateTime,

Create a Marshmallow schema to map a model to a JSON representation. This uses Marshmallow SQLAlchemy to generate the schema automatically.

class CatSchema(ModelSchema):
    class Meta:
        model = Cat

    id = field_for(Cat, 'id', dump_only=True)
    created_at = field_for(Cat, 'created_at', dump_only=True)
    updated_at = field_for(Cat, 'updated_at', dump_only=True)

cat_schema = CatSchema()
cats_schema = CatSchema(many=True)

Create a resource for single Cat access, eg /cats/:id

class CatResource(RetrieveUpdateDeleteResource):
    single_schema = cat_schema
    model = Cat
    session = db.session

Create a resource for listing Cats, eg /cats.

class CatListResource(QueryEngineMixin, CreateListResource):
    single_schema = cat_schema
    many_schema = cats_schema
    model = Cat
    session = db.session

Setup your flask app:

import flask
from flask_sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemy
from flask_restful import Api

from .routes import CatListResource, CatResource

db = SQLAlchemy()

app = flask.Flask(__name__)
app.config['SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI'] = 'some db'

api = Api(app)

with app.app_context():

    api.add_resource(CatListResource, '/cats')
    api.add_resource(CatResource, '/cats/<int:instance_id>')

Query Engine


To filter based on equality simple use the field name plus filter value for one or more fields, ex /cats?pattern=Tabby. Other operations are available by adding an operator at the end of the field name separated by two underscores, ex /cats?pattern__contains=Tabby.


Operator Description Notes / Example
eq Equals - default /cats?pattern=Tabby or /cats?pattern__eq=Tabby
ne Not Equals (!=) /cats?pattern__ne=Tabby
lt Less Than (<)
lte Less Than or Equal To (<=)
gt Greater Than (>)
gte Greater Than or Equal To (>=)
contains Contains
like Like
ilike Case Insensitive Like
notlike Not Like
notilike Case Insensitive Not Like
startswith Starts With
endswith Ends With
in In /cats?name__in=Ada&name__in=Leo
notin Not In /cats?name__notin=Ada&name__notin=Leo
is IS - Helper for null and true/false /cats?age__is=null or /users?active__is=true or /users?active__is=false
isnot IS NOT - Helper for null and true/false /cats?age__isnot=null


Use the $order_by query parameter to set ordering by one or more fields. Fields are separated by a comma (,) and are ascending by default. Add a minus to the beginning of the field to order by descending.




Field selection

Use the $fields query parameter to select a subset of fields. Fields are comma (,) separated.





Use the $page and $page_size query parameters to paginate. $page_size is not required and is 100 by default.




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