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A lite client for restful APIs.

Project description

restful-client-lite Build Status

A lite client for RESTFul APIs with limited features.

It provides:

  • restful_client_lite.APIClient: client for eve token-auth apps
  • restful_client_lite.contrib.AliyunApiGatewayClient: client for apis generated by aliyun DataService (only GET is supported)
  • restful_client_lite.contrib.WangduoyunApiClient: client for Wangduoyun apis by WangDuoYun

WIP.(not stable before v0.1.0)


Lastest release PyPI


pipenv install restful_client_lite


pip install restful_client_lite



pipenv install -e git+


pip install -e git+


Assume that we have a restful api requiring Authorization:<token> in the header and using etag to control writes.

Create an API client:

from restful_client_lite import APIClient
api = APIClient("<api_root>", {"token": "<token>"})

Get from url:

res_get = api.get("<url>")

Post to url:

res_post ="<url>", data={"<key>": "<value>"})

Patch url:

res_patch = api.patch("<url>", "<etag>", data={"<key>": "<value>"})

Patch url (fetch etag automatically in advance):

res_patch = api.patch_auto_etag("<url>", data={"<key>": "<value>"})

Delete url:

res_delete = api.delete("<url>", "<etag>")

Delete url (fetch etag automatically in advance):

res_delete = api.delete_auto_etag("<url>")

Subclass APIClient to create custom api client:

def sign(url):
    """some function return signature"""
    return <signed url>

class CustomAPIClient(APIClient):
    """custom api client"""

    def auth_headers(self, f: Callable) -> Callable:
        """custom auth headers"""
        def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
            headers = kwargs.get("headers", {}).copy()
            url = args[0]
            headers.update({"Signature": sign(url)})
            kwargs["headers"] = headers
            return f(*args, **kwargs)

3rd-party APIs

aliyun api gateway

AliyunApiGatewayClient :

  • support GET from aliyun-api-gateway apis (apis may generated by DataService)
  • handle authorization headers
  • doesn't sort url params
from restful_client_lite.contrib.aliyun import AliyunApiGatewayClient
api = AliyunApiGatewayClient(
    {"app_id": '<app_id>',
    "app_secret": '<app_secret>'})
# make sure params in <url> are sorted
res = api.get('<url>')

wangduoyun api


  • support account apis
  • support graphql apis
# client adds required authorization data for POST
api = WangduoyunApiClient(
    {"user_key": "<user_key>",
    "user_secret": "<user_secret>"})
res ="<url>")
# client provides `get_sign` to get authorization params
api = WangduoyunApiClient(
    {"user_key": "<user_key>",
    "user_secret": "<user_secret>"})
sign, timestamp = api.get_sign()
url = "?user_key={user_key}&timestamp={timestamp}&sign={sign}&source_id={source_id}&query={query}".format(
res = api.get(url)

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