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Smart retry library

Project description

Library to make code more robust Build Status

Retry decorator parameters

retry(attempts_number, delay=0, step=0, max_delay=-1, retry_on=Exception, logger=None)

  • attempts_number: number of function calls (first call + retries). If attempts_number < 0 then retry infinitely
  • delay: delay before first retry
  • step: increment value of timeout on each retry
  • max_delay: maximum delay value (upper bound for delay)
  • retry_on: exception that should be handled or function that checks if retry should be executed (default: Exception)
  • logger: logger to write warnings

returns the result of decorated function

Retry on specific exception

from retrylib import retry

@retry(attempts_number=3, retry_on=(MyException,))
def function():
  raise MyException()

Use custom function

from retrylib import retry

def is_my_exception(error):
  return isinstance(error, MyException)

@retry(attempts_number=3, retry_on=is_my_exception)
def function():
  raise MyException()

Retry on network errors

You can use following code to add retries for your custom network function:

import requests
from import retry

def function():
 response = requests.get('http://localhost:5002')
 return response



Global logger: you can pass specific logger to decorator

import logging
import logging.config

from import retry

  'version': 1,
  'formatters': {
      'precise': {
          'datefmt': '%Y-%m-%d,%H:%M:%S',
          'format': '%(levelname)-7s %(asctime)15s '
                    '%(name)s:%(lineno)d %(message)s'
  'handlers': {
      'console': {
          'class': 'logging.StreamHandler',
          'formatter': 'precise',
          'stream': 'ext://sys.stderr'
  'root': {
      'level': 'INFO',
      'handlers': ['console']


LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def function():
 response = requests.get('http://localhost:5002')
 return response

Object-specific logger: to use object-specific logger define method 'get_logger'

from retrylib import retry

class MyClass(object):
 def __init__(self):
     self._logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

 def get_logger(self):
     return self._logger

 def my_method(self):
     raise Exception

obj = MyClass()
# obj._logger will be used

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