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Well-featured retry decorator

Project description

From the Jargon File:

The -P Convention

Turning a word into a question by appending the syllable ‘P’;
from the LISP convention of appending the letter ‘P’ to denote
a predicate (a boolean-valued function). The question should
expect a yes/no answer, though it needn't. (See T and NIL.)

retryp is yet another retry decorator, with nothing particularly special about it other than it being both well-featured and not rewriting or hiding the calling signature of the wrapped method (allows for accurate code introspection – a Big Deal for me).

Thanks go to Graham Dumpleton and his wrapt package for that latter.



Default: 10

A multiplicative factor applied to the delay, used to provide increasing backoff as subsequent attempts continue to fail.


Default: 10

Number of times to retry the wapped item. If set to “0”, will retry 1073741823 times because a) that’s a lot, b) give up already, and c) nothing lasts forever.


Default: 10 (seconds)

The base delay between retry attempts.


Default: False

By default retryp will raise retryp.FailedTooOften if the wrapped item continues to fail after the requested number of attempts. If expose_last_exc is set, then the exception raised by the wrapped item will be raised if the last attempt results in an exception.


Default 0

Extra random seconds will be added to each retry delay, ranging from 0 to the value of jitter.


Default: False

Log every exception raised by the wrapped item using logtool.log_fault.


Default: logging.DEBUG

Logging level at which exceptions will be logged by logtool.log_fault() when log_faults is set.


Default: None

String to use in log messages to describe what is being retried.


Default: None

If provided, the return of the wrapped item will be passed as the only argument to this function. If refuse_rc_fn (rc) evaluates to True, then no further retries will be made.


Default: None

If provided, any exception raised by the wrapped item will be passed as the only argument to this function. If refuse_exc_fn (e) evaluates to True, then the exception will be raised again and retry attempts will cease.

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