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A spelling and grammar corrector for Icelandic

Project description


ReynirCorrect is a Python 3.x package for checking and correcting spelling and grammar in Icelandic text.

ReynirCorrect uses the Reynir package, by the same authors, to tokenize and parse text.

Token-level correction

ReynirCorrect can tokenize text and return a corrected token list. This catches token-level errors, such as spelling errors and erroneous phrases, but not grammatical errors.

Full grammar analysis

ReynirCorrect can also analyze text grammatically by attempting to parse it, after token-level correction. The parsing is done according to Reynir’s context-free grammar for Icelandic, augmented with additional production rules for common grammatical errors. The analysis returns a set of annotations (errors and suggestions) that apply to spans (consecutive tokens) within sentences in the resulting token list.


This code is under development and has early Beta status. It will eventually become the foundation of a spelling and grammar checker that will be open to the public on the website. Of course it will also be available as an open-source Python package that can be installed using pip.


To tokenize text with token-level correction (the text is not parsed in this case, so no grammar checking is done):

>>> from reynir_correct import tokenize
>>> g = tokenize("Af gefnu tilefni fékk fékk daninn vilja sýnum "
>>>     "framgengt við hana í auknu mæli.")
>>> for tok in g:
>>>     print("{0:10} {1}".format(tok.txt or "", tok.error_description))


Að         Orðasambandið 'Af gefnu tilefni' var leiðrétt í 'að gefnu tilefni'
fékk       Endurtekið orð ('fékk') var fellt burt
Daninn     Orð á að byrja á hástaf: 'daninn'
vilja      Orðasambandið 'vilja sýnum framgengt' var leiðrétt í 'vilja sínum framgengt'
í          Orðasambandið 'í auknu mæli' var leiðrétt í 'í auknum mæli'

To get a list of spelling and grammar annotations for a sentence:

>>> from reynir_correct import check_single
>>> sent = check_single("Páli, vini mínum, langaði að horfa á sjónvarpið.")
>>> for annotation in sent.annotations:
>>>     print("{0}".format(annotation))


000-004: E003  Frumlag sagnarinnar 'að langa' á að vera í þolfalli en ekki í þágufalli

               [ The subject of the verb 'að langa/to want' should be in the
                  accusative case, not the dative case ]

Note that the annotation.start and annotation.end properties (here start is 0 and end is 4) contain the indices of the first and last tokens to which the annotation applies. E003 is an error code.


This package runs on CPython 3.4 or newer, and on PyPy 3.5 or newer.


To install this package:

$ pip3 install reynir-correct   # or pip install reynir-correct if Python3 is your default

If you want to be able to edit the source, do like so (assuming you have git installed):

$ git clone
$ cd ReynirCorrect
$ # [ Activate your virtualenv here if you have one ]
$ python develop

The package source code is now in ReynirCorrect/src/reynir_correct.


To run the built-in tests, install pytest, cd to your ReynirCorrect subdirectory (and optionally activate your virtualenv), then run:

$ python -m pytest

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