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Python implementation of the RFC3161 specification, using pyasn1

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A simple client library for cryptographic timestamping service implementing the protocol from RFC3161.

This started as a fork of and has some additional patches such as Python3 support.

The latest version of this library is available from .

Public providers

There are several timestamping services around. Here is a list of publicly available services you can try:


>>> import rfc3161ng
>>> certificate = open('data/certum_certificate.crt', 'rb').read()
>>> rt = rfc3161ng.RemoteTimestamper('', certificate=certificate)
>>> tst = rt.timestamp(data=b'John Doe')
>>> rt.check(tst, data=b'John Doe')
>>> rfc3161ng.get_timestamp(tst)
datetime.datetime(2017, 8, 31, 15, 42, 58, tzinfo=tzutc())

Example for a server that insist on SHA256:

>> import rfc3161ng >> timestamper = rfc3161ng.RemoteTimestamper(’’, hashname=’sha256’) >> tsr = timestamper(data=b’The RedWax Project’, return_tsr=True) >> print(‘{}’.format(tsr))

Verifying timestamp using OpenSSL

One can verify the timestamp returned by the timeserver by using OpenSSL. For example with:

$ openssl ts -verify -data data_file.txt -in data_file.tsr -CAfile cacert.pem -untrusted tsa.crt

To save the tsr you can use code similar to:

>>> from pyasn1.codec.der import encoder
>>> import rfc3161ng
>>> ...
>>> timestamper = rfc3161ng.RemoteTimestamper('', certificate=certificate_data)
>>> tsr = timestamper(, return_tsr=True)
>>> with open("data_file.tsr", "wb") as f:
>>>     f.write(encoder.encode(tsr))

Alternatively you can just save the raw response.content returned from the certification server.

There is a test which also covers this in test_verify_timestamp_response_with_openssl.


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