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A simple and configurable generator for RobotFramework documentation

Project description

RF Documentations Indexer

Rfdocsindexer is a simple Python3 module to generate RobotFramework 4+ libraries documentation.

One can configure the tool from a simple TOML configuration file and run it from a console.

The tool then uses the RobotFramework Libdoc module to generate an HTML, XML, JSON or Libspec documentation for any RobotFramework keyword library.

An HTML index is also generated to centralize the generated documentations.

RFDocsIndexer Diagram

Below is an overview of the HTML index generated. It makes it easy to navigate among external resources and keywords documentation.

Index File Overview

Installing the tool

Install from Pypi:

pip install rfdocsindexer

Configuring the tool

The tool can be configured with a config file in TOML format.

Example configuration file:

library_paths = ["**/libraries/*.robot", "my_library.resource"]
library_names = ["MyLibrary", "MyOtherLibary.MyOtherLibrary"]
extra_modules_searchpaths = ["./library_dir"]
external_resources = ["RF homepage |", ""]
build_machine_readable_libdoc = true
include_robotframework_resources = true

The configuration file must contain the section [rfdocindexer] and any or none of the following options:

  • library_paths: a list of paths (glob format accepted) to RF resource files (can be *.resource, *.robot, *.spec...)
  • library_names: a list of RF library modules
  • extra_modules_searchpaths: a list of paths to append to PYTHONPATH
  • external_resources: a list of URLs which will be added to the HTML index file, or <name> | <URL>. Useful to include frequently used external resources when developing tests.
  • build_machine_readable_libdoc: whether to generate documentation in XML, JSON and Libspec format. If set to False, only the HTML documenation will be generated. Default is False.
  • include_robotframework_resources: whether to generate documentation for default RobotFramework libraries (BuiltIn, Collection, ...). Default is True.

Running the tool

In a standard shell, run the following:

# To generate documentation for default RobotFramework libraries

# To specify the configuration file to use
indexrfdocs -c path/to/configfile.toml

# To specify the output directory (content will not be erased if already existing), default is "rfdocs"
indexrfdocs -o path/to/outdir

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