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Tools to design RF components and networks.

Project description

RF tools

Tools for designing RF components and networks


# for latest version (from GitHub)
python3 -m pip install git+

# for lastest release (from PyPI)
python3 -m pip install rftools

Examples of the Command Line Tools

Calculate the properties of a WR4.3 rectangular waveguide at 230 GHz:


$ waveguide WR4.3 --freq 230


    Rectangular Waveguide: WR4.3

    a                      1.092        [mm]
    b                      0.546        [mm]

    Standard frequency range:
    low                  171.553        [GHz]
    mid                  215.471        [GHz]
    high                 259.388        [GHz]

    Cutoff frequencies:
    TE10                 137.242        [GHz]
    TE20                 274.485        [GHz]
    TE01                 274.485        [GHz]
    TE/TM11              306.883        [GHz]

    Properties at 230.0 GHz:
    wavelength             1.624        [mm]
    impedance            469.469        [ohms]

Calculate the attenuation constant of a WR2.8 waveguide at 345 GHz:


$ waveguide-att --type WR2.8 --freq 345 --cond 5.85e7


    Rectangular Waveguide: WR2.8

    a                    711.200        [um]
    b                    355.600        [um]

    Standard frequency range:
    low                  263.457        [GHz]
    mid                  330.901        [GHz]
    high                 398.346        [GHz]

    Properties at 345 GHz:
    wavelength             1.098        [mm]
    impedance            475.852        [ohms]

    Attenuation at 345 GHz:
    conductivity           5.850 E+07   [S/m]
    skin depth           112.030        [nm]
    attenuation            1.976        [Np/m]
                          17.160        [dB/m]
                           0.172        [dB/cm]

Calculate the properties of a 0.5 mm radius circular waveguide at 345 GHz:


$ cwaveguide 0.5 --freq 345


    Circular Waveguide:

    radius a               0.500        [mm]

    Cutoff frequencies:
    TE11                 175.681        [GHz]
    TM01                 229.502        [GHz]
    TE21                 291.434        [GHz]
    TE01                 365.676        [GHz]
    TM11                 365.676        [GHz]

    Properties at 345.0 GHz:
    wavelength             1.010        [mm]
    impedance            437.735        [ohms]

Calculate the noise temperature using the Y-factor technique:


$ noisetemp 4.9/2.2 --freq 850 --thot 300 --tcold 20


    Noise temperature from Y-factor

    Physical temperature of black body loads:
    Hot load             300.000        [K]
    Cold load             20.000        [K]

    Equiv. temp. from CW equations (with f=850.0 GHz):
    Hot load             300.462        [K]
    Cold load             26.496        [K]

    Y-factor               2.227

    Noise temperature    196.735        [K]

Calculate the width of a microstrip:


$ 50ohm-line --z0 50 --thickness 15 --er 2.2



    Input values:
    desired Z0            50.000        [ohms]
    thickness (t)         15.000        [mil]
    rel. permittivity      2.200

    microstrip width       1.174        [mm]

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