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Booking product for Plone

Project description

A **booking product for Plone** which allows to reserve time slots throughout the week.

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This product introduces two new `content types`_ to your Plone site:

.. _content types:

- `Booking`
- `Booking Folder`

Booking content

**Booking** is a `content type` used to store information about reservation.

The product interface provides a way to add new booking elements,
by clicking on one of the plus signs available in the slots calendar
as shown below:

.. figure::
:alt: The view of Booking Folder

Each booking element once created is storerd into its own **Booking Folder**.

Booking Folder content

**Booking Folder** is a folderish content type which store your **Booking** objects.
It is therefore possible to have more of an "agenda".

Using rg.prenotazioni

Creating a new booking folder content

If the product is correctly installed the **booking folder** entry is available on the `add new` action menu.
Click on it to add a new booking folder content.

.. figure::
:alt: The view of Booking Folder

Saving the form a new booking folder will be created.

Here below the edit page:

.. figure::
:alt: The view of Booking Folder

Since version **2.1** new functionalities has been added to the folder

- more then one gate can be handled
- booking vacations supports also bookings with no gate assigned

Since version **3.0** the agenda has:
- a new user interface
- allows custom duration for booking types

Creating a new booking content

Anonymous and authenticated users are allowed to add new booking content
by clicking on the plus signs on the default booking folder view.

.. figure::
:alt: Link to create new entry

After its creation the slot will be displayed as "busy" for anonymous user
and the slot won't be available anymore.

Back-end user can see and manage the reservation
according with its Plone rights.

Here below a screenshot of the edit page:

.. figure::
:alt: The view of Booking Folder

Since version **2.1**:
- captcha has been added for anonymous users.
- booking content can be added only from the view folder links.
- booking can't be added in the past anymore.


The product comes with its own workflow "prenotazioni_workflow".

Since versione **2.1** a new states has been added.
Here below a list of all the states available:

**Private**: booking object initial state:

* `submit` (Automatic transition to pending)


Transaction available:

* `publish` (to published)
* `refuse` (to refused)


Transaction available:

* `refuse` (to refused)


Transaction available:

* `restore` (to pending)

Managers can confirm a Booking using workflow transitions.
The workflow transition triggers an email to be sent to the booker (see below).

Content Rules (mail notifications)

There are additional content rules that can be used to notify booking owner when his booking has been accepted
or re-scheduled.

Rules **are not automatically** as of version **3.x**. They are imported by a separate generic setup profile.

There's also a rule that can warn the Booking Folder responsible when new booking are created, but you need to
manually enable it on folders.


Add **rg.prenotazioni** to the egg section of your instance:




**rg.prenotazioni 3.x** has been tested with Plone 4.2 and Plone 4.3 and works with Python 2.7.

**rg.prenotazioni 2.x** has been tested with Plone 4.2 and works with Python 2.6 and 2.7.

**rg.prenotazioni 1.x** has been tested with Plone 3 and works with Python 2.4.

.. Note::
Version 2.x of rg.prenotazioni is a deep rewrite of version 1.x
and **we are not providing any migration**... sorry!


* i18n support is uncomplete
* Switch use of session to cookies (**done**)
* Tests!


Developed with the support of:

* `Unione Reno Galliera`__

.. image::
:alt: Logo Unione Reno Galliera

* `S. Anna Hospital, Ferrara`__

.. image::
:alt: S. Anna Hospital - logo

All of them supports the `PloneGov initiative`__.



This product was developed by RedTurtle Technology team.

.. image::
:alt: RedTurtle Technology Site


3.2.1 (2014-05-12)

- Don't check for roles if user is anonymous

3.2.0 (2014-05-12)

- Since this version:
* If a user can edit the Prenotazioni folder has the rights to manage the
* If a user has the "Reader" role has the rights to inspect Prenotazione

3.1.1 (2014-05-12)

- Method user_can_manage was called on view instead of week_view

3.1.0 (2014-05-06)

- Handle the reader role in prenotazioni_week_view.

3.0.0 (2014-05-05)


- Completely redesigned UI: now we have completely different experiences for
backend and frontend users
- Support booking types with different duration
- Search view for Bookings inside a Booking Folder


- Fix unicode issue in upgrade_tipologia [alert]
- Fix redirect after exception message in prenotazioni_move [nicolasenno]
- Fix check conflicts on prenotazione_move [nicolasenno]
- Added legend to prenotazione_folder [nicolasenno]
- Fix redirect in prenotazioni_move [nicolasenno]
- Fix some i18n translations [nicolasenno]
- Added search pagination [nicolasenno]
- Added upgrade step for "tipologia" field in prenotazioni_folder [nicolasenno]
- Added upgrade step for "settimana_tipo" in prenotazioni_folder [nicolasenno]
- Modified settimana_tipo colunms in prenotazioni_folder [nicolasenno]
- Added expiration field to IPrenotazione content type and created
the upgrade step for its value [nicolasenno]
- Adding new portal types PrenotazioniWeek, PrenotazioniYear, PrenotazioniDay
- Added the concept of slots
- Adding a new week view for booking managers
- Depends on plone.api, pyinter,

2.1 (2013-09-12)
- Fix cancel action on new booking [nicolasenno]
- Fix booking visualization issue on PM time [nicolasenno]
- Fix check booking not available [nicolasenno]
- Fix slot visualization for both anonymous and logged [nicolasenno]
- View for booking vacations supports also gateless bookings [alert]
- Implemented view for booking vacations [alert]
- Slot calculation made in prenotazioni state view [alert]
- Added parameter force_gate in booking creation [alert]
- Added utility time2timedelta [alert]
- Fix CSS table prenotazioni [nicolasenno]
- Hide refused review_state slots for anonymous users [alert]
- Fix review_state refused permissions [alert]
- Correctly take into account futureDays parameter [alert]
- Temporarily enabled actions menu [nicolasenno]
- Don't check overbooking in Prenotazione post_validate [alert]
- Fix the review_state after copy [alert]
- Added new workflow transition and its upgrade step [nicolasenno]
- Added fields validation (email, phone) for prenotazioni form [nicolasenno]
- Modified contentrules [nicolasenno]
- Modified workflow to add refused state [nicolasenno]
- We can add prenotazioni only through the calendar links [alert]
- Anonymous users can book again [alert]
- Autoinclude dependencies zcml [alert]
- Use captchas for anonymous users [alert]
- Upgrade step for installing `quintagroup.formlib.captcha`__ [alert]
- Removed customized createObject view [alert]
- We can now handle more than one gate [alert]
- Overbooking validation handled through an adapter [alert]
- Do not allow users to add stuff in the past [alert]


2.0 (2013-05-03)

- Plone 4 support added [cekk]
- Added Site Administrator role in rolemap and workflows [cekk]
- Fixed translation for month in folder view [cekk]
- Fixed mailhost send method (removed securesend) [cekk]
- Created new event raised when a booking is rescheduled [cekk]
- Added new contentrule that notify an user when his booking has re-scheduled [cekk]
- Added locales support [cekk]
- Fixed layout styles and accessibility [keul]
- Do not show reservation object in navigation [keul]
- Removed useless portal_skins elements [keul]
- Removed bad ploneCustom.css css, moved to a dedicated CSS [keul]
- Content types are now in english and translated [keul]
- PrenotazioniFolder end date is not required anymore
(folder can now never expire) [keul]
- Can't booking in past slots anymore [keul]
- Addable types filtered [keul]
- Removed use of the SESSION object for saving booking date [keul]
- Removed workflow for ``PrenotazioniFolder``; use default ones [keul]
- removed hard-coded content rules, now we have a dependency on
`collective.contentrules.mailfromfield`__ [keul]
- Removed the need of an additional date index: now we use ``Date`` [keul]
- Removed totally useless viewlets [keul]
- On Plone 3, switched to LargePloneFolder. **Warning**: this change
will totally brake old 1.x installation on Plone 3.
- Added ``futureDays`` field and feature [keul]
- Changes to *prenotazioni_workflow*: removed useless permissions [keul]


1.0.2 (2012/09/07)

- Minor fixes for public release

1.0.1 (2012/01/24)

- Fix overbooking (#127)

1.0 (2011-11-30)

- Initial release

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