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Tools for using and



pip install rhg_compute_tools


Kubernetes tools

  • easily spin up a preconfigured cluster with get_cluster(), or flavors with get_micro_cluster(), get_standard_cluster(), get_big_cluster(), or get_giant_cluster().
>>> import rhg_compute_tools.kubernetes as rhgk
>>> cluster, client = rhgk.get_cluster()

Google cloud storage utilities

  • Utilities for managing google cloud storage directories in parallel from the command line or via a python API
>>> import rhg_compute_tools.gcs as gcs
>>> gcs.sync_gcs('my_data_dir', 'gs://my-bucket/my_data_dir')



Bug fixes: * raise error on gsutil nonzero status in rhg_compute_tools.gcs.cp (PR #105)


New features: * Adds google storage directory marker utilities and rctools gcs mkdirs command line app


  • Add dask_kwargs to the rhg_compute_tools.xarray functions


  • Add retry_with_timeout to


  • Drop matplotlib.font_manager._rebuild() call in design.__init__ - no longer supported


  • Refactor datasets_from_delayed to speed up


  • Add function


  • Fix tag kwarg in get_cluster


  • Make the gsutil API consistent, so that we have cp, sync and rm, each of which accept the same args and kwargs
  • Swap bumpversion for setuptools_scm to handle versioning
  • Cast coordinates to dict before gathering in rhg_compute_tools.xarray.dataarrays_from_delayed and rhg_compute_tools.xarray.datasets_from_delayed. This avoids a mysterious memory explosion on the local machine. Also add name in the metadata used by those functions so that the name of each dataarray or Variable is preserved.
  • Use dask-gateway when available when creating a cluster in rhg_compute_tools.kubernetes. Add some tests using a local gateway cluster. TODO: More tests.
  • Add tag kwarg to rhg_compute_tools.kuberentes.get_cluster function (PR #87)


  • ?


  • Add remote scheduler deployment (part of dask_kubernetes 0.10)
  • Remove extraneous GCSFUSE_TOKENS env var no longer used in new worker images
  • Set library thread limits based on how many cpus are available for a single dask thread
  • Change formatting of the extra env_items passed to get_cluster to be a list rather than a list of dict-like name/value pairs


  • Add CLI tools . See rctools gcs repdirstruc --help to start
  • Add new function rhg_compute_tools.gcs.replicate_directory_structure_on_gcs to copy directory trees into GCS. Users can authenticate with cred_file or with default google credentials
  • Fixes to docstrings and metadata
  • Add new function rhg_compute_tools.gcs.rm to remove files/directories on GCS using the API
  • Store one additional environment variable when passing cred_path to rhg_compute_tools.kubernetes.get_cluster so that the API will be authenticated in addition to gsutil


  • Deployment fixes


  • Design tools: use RHG & CIL colors & styles
  • Plotting helpers: generate cmaps with consistent colors & norms, and apply a colorbar to geopandas plots with nonlinear norms
  • Autoscaling fix for kubecluster: switch to dask_kubernetes.KubeCluster to allow use of recent bug fixes


  • Add rhg_compute_tools.gcs.cp_gcs and rhg_compute_tools.gcs.sync_gcs utilities


  • need to figure out how to use this rever thing


  • Bug fix again in rhg_compute_tools.kubernetes.get_worker


  • Bug fix in rhg_compute_tools.kubernetes.get_worker


  • Add xarray from delayed methods in rhg_compute_tools.xarray
  • rhg_compute_tools.gcs.cp_to_gcs now calls gsutil in a subprocess instead of operations. This dramatically improves performance when transferring large numbers of small files
  • Additional cluster creation helpers


  • New google compute helpers (see rhg_compute_tools.gcs.cp_to_gcs, rhg_compute_tools.gcs.get_bucket)
  • New cluster creation helper (see rhg_compute_tools.kubernetes.get_worker)
  • Dask helpers (see rhg_compute_tools.utils submodule)


  • First release on PyPI.

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