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The only web typograph that don't make a mess out of your text. Russian and English supported.

Project description

# Richtypo — the only web typograph that don't make a mess out of your text

Richtypo assumes that your text already has right dashes and quotes. The main concern is to add
non-breaking spaces to the right places.

This project is heavily inspired by Artem Sapegin's [richtypo](

[![PyPI version](]( [![Build Status](](

## Features

- Blazing fast, aimed for render-time usage.
- Native Russian support.
- HTML, Markdown and Plain-text aware, does not break your markup.
- Your text stays readable and indexable — richtypo does not produce HTML entities and other messy stuff.
- Easy integration with Jinja2, Django templates and any other language.
- Well tested Python3 and Python2 support. For py2 only unicode input is accepted.
- Easily extendable through smallest possible regular expressions defined in YAML with in-place specifications.

## Installation

pip install richtypo

## Usage
from richtypo import Richtypo

r = Richtypo(ruleset='ru-lite')

well_done = r.richtypo(text)

### Jinja2 filter

from richtypo.filter import filter

env = jinja2.Environment(
'richtypo': filter


{{ text | richtypo('ru-lite') }}

### Django filter

# your_app/templatetags/

from django import template
from django.template.defaultfilters import stringfilter
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
from richtypo.filter import filter as typograph

register = template.Library()

def richtypo(value, ruleset='generic'):
return mark_safe(typograph(value, ruleset))

{% load richtypo %}

{{ object.text | richtypo:"ru-lite"}}

## License


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