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Ping data collector for RIEMANN

Project description

# riemann-fping

This program is a wrapper around the [fping]( utility. It will use the fping to collect the latency and packet loss information to multiple targets and send the collected data to a [RIEMANN]( instance.
It uses the [borntyping's riemann-client]( to talk to RIEMANN.

Both server certificate validation and custom client certificates are supported for TLS connections.

## Installing

You can install the latest released verison of the riemann-fping with pip:
pip install riemann-fping

## Using
$ riemann-fping --help
usage: riemann-fping [-h] [--host HOST] [--port PORT]
[--protocol {tcp,udp,tls}] [--timeout TIMEOUT]
[--keyfile KEYFILE] [--certfile CERTFILE]
[--ca-certs CA_CERTS] [--probe PROBE]
[--fping-cmd FPING_CMD] [--interval INTERVAL] [--debug]
target [target ...]

Pings multiple targets and sends results to RIEMANN

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--host HOST RIEMANN host (default: localhost)
--port PORT RIEMANN port (default: 5555)
--protocol {tcp,udp,tls}
RIEMANN protocol (default: tcp)
--timeout TIMEOUT Timeout for the TCP connection to RIEMANN (default:
--keyfile KEYFILE Key file for the TLS connection (default: None)
--certfile CERTFILE Certificate file for the TLS connection (default:
--ca-certs CA_CERTS CA certificate file to authenticate the server
(default: None)
--probe PROBE Name of the probe (default: FQDN-OF-THE-HOST-RUNNING-ON)
--fping-cmd FPING_CMD
Path to the fping command (default: /usr/sbin/fping)
--interval INTERVAL Event interval in seconds (default: 60)
--debug Enable debug mode (default: False)

## Contributing

Please see the []( file

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