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Simple Python package that can be used to do calculations with right-angled triangles

Project description

Simple Python package that can be used to do calculations with right-angled triangles.


Use pip to install right-triangle.

pip install right-triangle


The RightTriangle class

A RightTriangle instance is a representation of a right-angled triangle.

It has 6 attributes:

  • side_a - first leg, the length of the side opposed to angle_a

  • side_b - second leg, the length of the side opposed to angle_b

  • side_c - the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle

  • angle_a - first acute angle, the angle opposed to side_a, measured in degrees

  • angle_b - second acute angle, the angle opposed to side_b, measured in degrees

  • angle_c - the right angle, always 90 degrees

You can instantiate a RightTriangle with one of the following information:

  • The lengths of any two sides of the triangle

  • One angle (in degrees) and the length of one side of the triangle

You can use either a specialised factory method (.from_*) or the universal one (.make) to construct an instance.

During the instantiation the other attributes are calculated and become accessible.

>>> from right_triangle import RightTriangle
>>> rt1 = RightTriangle.from_side_a_and_side_b(3, 4)
>>> rt2 = RightTriangle.make(side_a=3, side_b=4)
>>> rt1.side_c
>>> rt2.side_c


The module also provides some functions. You can use them to calculate some attributes of a right triangle without actually instantiating a RightTriangle object.

>>> import right_triangle
>>> right_triangle.calculate_hypotenuse_from_legs(3, 4)
>>> right_triangle.calculate_acute_angles_from_legs(3, 4)
(36.86989764584402, 53.13010235415598)
>>> right_triangle.calculate_leg_from_other_leg_and_hypotenuse(3, 5)
>>> right_triangle.calculate_leg_from_hypotenuse_and_opposed_angle(5, 36.8699)
>>> right_triangle.calculate_leg_from_other_leg_and_adjacent_angle(4, 53.1301)

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