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A Python library to communicate with Ring Door Bell (

Project description

Looking for maintainers

Python Ring Door Bell is a library written for Python 3.6+ that exposes the devices as Python objects.

Currently does not provide an official API. The results of this project are merely from reverse engineering.



# Installing from PyPi
$ pip install ring_doorbell

# Installing latest development
$ pip install \

Initializing your Ring object

import json
import getpass
from pathlib import Path
from pprint import pprint

from ring_doorbell import Ring, Auth
from oauthlib.oauth2 import MissingTokenError

cache_file = Path("test_token.cache")

def token_updated(token):

def otp_callback():
    auth_code = input("2FA code: ")
    return auth_code

def main():
    if cache_file.is_file():
        auth = Auth("MyProject/1.0", json.loads(cache_file.read_text()), token_updated)
        username = input("Username: ")
        password = getpass.getpass("Password: ")
        auth = Auth("MyProject/1.0", None, token_updated)
            auth.fetch_token(username, password)
        except MissingTokenError:
            auth.fetch_token(username, password, otp_callback())

    ring = Ring(auth)

    devices = ring.devices()

if __name__ == "__main__":

Listing devices linked to your account

# All devices
devices = ring.devices()
{'chimes': [<RingChime: Downstairs>],
'doorbots': [<RingDoorBell: Front Door>]}

# All doorbells
doorbells = devices['doorbots']
[<RingDoorBell: Front Door>]

# All chimes
chimes = devices['chimes']
[<RingChime: Downstairs>]

# All stickup cams
stickup_cams = devices['stickup_cams']
[<RingStickUpCam: Driveway>]

Playing with the attributes and functions

devices = ring.devices()
for dev in list(devices['stickup_cams'] + devices['chimes'] + devices['doorbots']):
    print('Address:    %s' % dev.address)
    print('Family:     %s' %
    print('ID:         %s' %
    print('Name:       %s' %
    print('Timezone:   %s' % dev.timezone)
    print('Wifi Name:  %s' % dev.wifi_name)
    print('Wifi RSSI:  %s' % dev.wifi_signal_strength)

    # setting dev volume
    print('Volume:     %s' % dev.volume)
    dev.volume = 5
    print('Volume:     %s' % dev.volume)

    # play dev test shound
    if == 'chimes':
        dev.test_sound(kind = 'ding')
        dev.test_sound(kind = 'motion')

    # turn on lights on floodlight cam
    if == 'stickup_cams' and dev.lights:
        dev.lights = 'on'

Showing door bell events

devices = ring.devices()
for doorbell in devices['doorbots']:

    # listing the last 15 events of any kind
    for event in doorbell.history(limit=15):
        print('ID:       %s' % event['id'])
        print('Kind:     %s' % event['kind'])
        print('Answered: %s' % event['answered'])
        print('When:     %s' % event['created_at'])
        print('--' * 50)

    # get a event list only the triggered by motion
    events = doorbell.history(kind='motion')

Downloading the last video triggered by ding

devices = ring.devices()
doorbell = devices['doorbots'][0]
    doorbell.history(limit=100, kind='ding')[0]['id'],

Displaying the last video capture URL


Controlling a Light Group

groups = ring.groups()
group = groups['the-group-you-want']

# Prints True if lights are on, False if off

# Turn on lights indefinitely
group.lights = True

# Turn off lights
group.lights = False

# Turn on lights for 30 seconds
group.lights = (True, 30)

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