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riotgen: generator for RIOT source code

Project description

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riotgen is a command line interface helper tool that is used to bootstrap RIOT source files for standalone applications, board supports, driver modules, system modules, packages and example/test applications.

riotgen is Python 3.7+ compatible.


Install riotgen using pip:

pip install riotgen

Installing from source

Clone this repository:

git clone git://

Install using pip from the source directory:

cd riot-generator
pip install .


riotgen uses subcommands for generating the code for applications, tests, packages and board support:

riotgen --help
Usage: riotgen [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --version  Show the version and exit.
  --help     Show this message and exit.

  application  Bootstrap a RIOT application
  board        Bootstrap a RIOT board support
  driver       Bootstrap a RIOT driver module
  example      Bootstrap a RIOT example application
  module       Bootstrap a RIOT system module
  pkg          Bootstrap a RIOT external package
  test         Bootstrap a RIOT test application


Generate an application in the current directory that build against the RIOT source located in /opt/RIOT and using the interactive wizzard:

riotgen application -i -r /opt/RIOT


RIOTBASE=/opt/RIOT riotgen application -i

The command line wizard will ask for questions about the new application: target board, RIOT base directory, author name, etc.

Generate an application using a configuration file (see the samples provided in the source code):

riotgen application --riotbase /opt/RIOT --config path/to/config/file.cfg

In both cases, once complete, the new application can be built using:


example, driver, module, pkg, test and board subcommands generate the skeleton code directly in the RIOT base directory:

riotgen example --riotbase /opt/RIOT -i
riotgen driver --riotbase /opt/RIOT -i
riotgen module --riotbase /opt/RIOT -i
riotgen pkg --riotbase /opt/RIOT -i
riotgen board --riotbase /opt/RIOT -i
riotgen test --riotbase /opt/RIOT -i


Testing is performed using the Tox automation tool. You can install Tox using pip:

pip install tox

To run the whole tests and checks, use:


To only run the tests, use:

tox -e tests

To only run the static checks (flake8, black, twine --check), use:

tox -e check

To reformat your code following the black tool, use:

tox -e format

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