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Python wrapper for RIPE Atlas API

Project description

RIPE Atlas Cousteau

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A Python wrapper around the RIPE ATLAS API.


$ pip install ripe.atlas.cousteau


Complete documentation can be found on Read the Docs.


But why Cousteau? The RIPE Atlas team decided to name all of its modules after explorers, and this is not an exception :)

Releases History

1.5.0a2 (released TBD)


  • Drop support for old Python versions (>= 3.7 supported)

  • Documentation fixes

  • Use python-socketio instead of socketIO-client for streaming

  • Include an ‘unsubscribe’ method on AtlasStream, as well as constants for currently available event names

  • Update testing framework to use pytest

1.4.2 (released 2018-03-22)

New features:

  • Add support for tagging and untagging measurements

1.4.1 (released 2018-01-08)


  • Minor fixes

1.4 (released 2017-04-21)

New features:

  • Expose bill_to option for measurement creation

  • Enable User-Agent for stream connections


  • Update stream channel names to new naming scene in the background

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug where stream was not reconnected after a disconnect

  • Fix unicode cases on the stream spotted by @JonasGroeger

1.3 (released 2016-10-21)


  • Improved streaming support:

  • Introduced support for proxies and additional headers

  • Timezone aware objects for measurement meta data

1.2 (released 2016-03-02)


  • Backwards incompatible field changes on the Measurement object:

  • destination_address -> target_ip

  • destination_asn -> target_asn

  • destination_name -> target

1.1 (released 2016-02-09)

New features:

  • Start supporting Anchors listing API.

  • Brand new documentation hosted on readthedocs.


  • Various refactorings to clean up codebase.

1.0.7 (released 2016-01-13)


  • Backwards compatible change of the format we expect for measurement type to handle upcoming change in the API.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug when creating stream for probes connection channel. Updating also wrong documentation.

1.0.6 (released 2015-12-15)


  • Add copyright text everywhere for debian packaging.

1.0.5 (released 2015-12-14)


  • Add tests to the package itself.

  • Make user-agent changeable by the user.

  • Various refactorings.

1.0.4 (released 2015-11-06)


  • Handle both string/dictionary as input for probe_ids filter for Result and LatestResult requests.

1.0.2 (released 2015-10-26)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug where key parameter was added to the url even if it was empty.

  • Fix bug where we didn’t try to unjson 4xx responses even if they could contain json structure.

1.0.1 (released 2015-10-23)


  • Now we conform to new API feature that allows for specifying tags when adding probes to existing measurements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug we didn’t allow user to specify single tag include/exclude.

1.0 (released 2015-10-21)

New features:

  • Add support for include/exclude tags in changing sources requests.

  • Add support for latest results API call.

  • Implement HTTP measurement creation.

  • Support for python 3 (<=3.4).

  • Support for pypy/pypy3.

  • Support for wheels format.


  • Migrate all Atlas requests to use requests library and refactor a lot of code to have a cleaner version.

  • Create an API v2 translator to address several option name changing. A deprecation warning will be given.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug where python representation of measurements without a stop time was exploding.

  • Make sure start/stop timestamps in measurement create request are always in UTC.

0.10.1 (released 2015-10-06)

New features:

  • Implement support for object return in the request generators for probe/measurement.


  • Probe/Measurement python representation takes meta data from v2 API as well. Now everything should point to v2 API.

0.10 (released 2015-10-01)

New features:

  • add object representation of meta data for a probe or a measurement.


  • Abandon v1 RIPE ATLAS API and use only v2.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug that prevented users from specifying all possible source types when they tried to add more probes to existing measurements.

  • Cover case where a user specified really long list of probes/measurements in the ProbeRequest/MeasurementRequest that was causing ‘HTTP ERROR 414: Request-URI Too Long’. Additionally, now if API returns error raise an exception instead of stopping iteration.

0.9.2 (released 2015-09-21)


  • Small refactor of Stream class and manually enforce websockets in SocketIO client

0.9.1 (released 2015-09-03)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug related to binding result atlas stream.

0.9 (released 2015-09-01)

New features:

  • add support for fetching real time results using RIPE Atlas stream server.

  • this version and on will be available on PYPI.

0.8 (released 2015-08-31)

New features:

  • add support for NTP measurements.

0.7 (released 2015-06-03)

New features:

  • add support for fetching probes/measurements meta data using python generators.

0.6 (released 2014-06-17)

New features:

  • add support for querying results based on start/end time, msm_id and probe id.


  • add http agent according to package version to all requests.

0.5 (released 2014-05-22)


  • change package structure to comply with the new structure of atlas packages

  • add continuous integration support

  • add tests

  • enable travis

  • enable code health checks

  • add required files for uploading to github

0.4 (released 2014-03-31)

New features:

  • add support for stopping a measurement.

0.3 (released 2014-02-25)

New features:

  • add simple support for HTTP GET queries.

0.2 (released 2014-02-03)

New features:

  • add support for adding/removing probes API request.


  • use AtlasCreateRequest instead of AtlasRequest for creating a new measurement.

0.1 (released 2014-01-21)

  • Initial release.

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