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The official command line client for RIPE Atlas

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RIPE Atlas Tools (Magellan)

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The official command-line client for RIPE Atlas.

Full Documentation

Everything is up on ReadTheDocs


Configure API key for creating measurements:

$ ripe-atlas configure --set authorisation.create=MY_API_KEY

Ping an IP address from five probes:

$ ripe-atlas measure ping --probes 5

Search for connected probes in Germany, grouping by ASN:

$ ripe-atlas probe-search --country de --aggregate-by asn_v4 --limit 10

Search for NTP measurement metadata and process the results with awk:

$ ripe-atlas measurement-search --type ntp --format tab --no-header --limit 5 \
  | awk -Ft '{printf "#%s (%s)\n", $1, $3}'

Can I Contribute?

Absolutely. Please read our guide on how to contribute.


This project was code-named by means of a poll. In order to conform to the RIPE Atlas theme, it had to be named for an explorer, and so the winning suggestion was for Magellan, “in memory of those times when RTT was ~3 years”.

Release History

3.1.1 (release 2024-04-10)

  • Pin urllib3 to < 2 so that it works on LibreSSL Python

3.1.0 (release 2023-02-07)

  • Improved probe-search and measurement-search, including “csv” and “tab” output

  • –stream-timeout and –stream-limit added to measure command

  • Use the latest stream API (cousteau update) and add –timeout to stream command

3.0.3 (release 2022-11-18)

  • Fix issue where the measure command would continue to stream results after all probes have responded

3.0.2 (release 2022-05-23)

  • Fix “measure spec” command which was broken due to cousteau issue

3.0.1 (release 2022-02-24)

  • Updated cousteau dependency to the non-alpha release

3.0.0 (release 2022-02-23)

  • API keys can now be passed in environment variables

  • probe-search by –location now works, as long as the user specifies their own Google Geocoding API key

  • Modernized tests and switched to GitHub actions

  • The default renderer for ping measurements is now more consistent and more similar to other ping tools, including having a statistical summary at the end

  • measure, report and stream commands now all use the same set of renderers

  • “measure spec” command which takes a JSON blob to create measurements

  • Allow measure –target to be specified as a positional arg (or –query-argument for DNS)

  • Move to latest cousteau version (python-socketio)

  • Various other fixes to code and documentation

  • Official supported Python versions changed to 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 and 3.10

2.3.0 (released 2018-11-23)

Features and changes

  • Add result date and time to traceroute, NTP and SSL renderers

  • Add support for specifying measurement tags on measurement creation

  • Add option (–go-web) to open measurement URL in browser

  • Nicer presentation of 403 errors from the API

  • Official supported Python versions changed to 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7

Bug Fixes

  • Fix cousteau/sagan dependencies

2.2.3 (released 2017-01-17)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for distribution issues that prevented the command-line scripts from working

2.2.2 (released 2017-10-12)

Features and changes

2.1 (released 2016-04-21)

New Features

  • Add a simple NTP renderer


  • Use new cousteau (1.4) & sagan(1.2) versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for some unicode problems when using colors

  • Fix issue #177, with gdbm problem.

2.0.2 (released 2016-10-21)

New Features

  • Add aliases to measurements IDs

  • Add –traceroute-show-asns to traceroute renderer

Bug Fixes

  • Stream command was not passing the correct API key. After API became stricter this command started failing.

  • Handle missing geometry for probes.

  • Fix issues for AS-paths with only 1 probe

  • Various fixes for tests

2.0.1 (released 2016-04-20)


  • Corrected references in the docs to obsolete command names.

  • Fixed broken 2.0.0 egg.

2.0.0 (released 2016-04-20)


  • Renamed and merged some commands for clarity, preserving the old names as deprecated aliases.

  • Improved help text and usage output.

  • Support for bash auto-completion.

1.2.3 (released 2016-03-08)


  • Usage of newest Cousteau/Sagan library.

  • Support of API keys for fetching results on report command.

  • Default radius for probes filtering is changed to 15.

  • Several changes for supporting Windows.

1.2.2 (released 2016-01-13)

New Features

  • Cleaner and more consistent implementation of the renderer plugable architecture.

  • Usage of newest Cousteau library.

1.2.1 (released 2015-12-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Restored some required template files.

1.2.0 (released 2015-12-15)

Output Changes

  • #119: Support HTTP results.

  • #122: Allow packagers to set the user agent.

1.1.1 (released 2015-11-25)

Output Changes

  • #103: Removed header from the report command.

Bug Fixes

  • #105: Measurement report and stream broken on Python3.4.

1.1.0 (released 2015-11-12)

New features

  • Support for the creation of NTP, SSLCert, and HTTP measurements.

  • Additional argument in report command to filter results by probe ASN.

  • Additional renderer that shows the different destination ASNs and some additional stats about them.

Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes.


  • Better testing.

  • Additional documentation.

1.0.0 (released 2015-11-02)

  • Initial release.

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