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Map email to Ripple addresses using the Federation protocol

Project description


What ripple/federation-php does for Python. Provides a very simple mapping between names an Ripple addresses. Integrate into your site to receive Ripple payments at


Using werkzeug, for example, you might do:

CORS = {"Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "*"}

from .ripple_federation import Federation, get_ripple_txt
federation = Federation({
    '': {'michael': 'rpLJBGZRT8D9ktgdsYv5AWYtePdyLPrEHy'},

def ripple_txt(request):
    return Response(get_ripple_txt(,

def ripple_federation(request):
    return Response(

To do more than just mapping the name to an address, you can specify callables:

def lookup_user(domain, user):
     ripple, destination_tag = findUser(domain, user)
     return {
        'destination_address': app.config['PAYMENT_ADDRESS'],
        'dt': int(user)

federation = Federation({
    '': lookup_user,
    '': {'michael': callable_allowed_here_as_well},

The callable has to return a dict, which will be inserted into the result record, and may also overwrite the standard fields. In this way, you may provide any return values the Federation specification allows.

Other notes

Test your ripple.txt setup here:

Note that HTTPS is needed.

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