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The Régis Kla Python tools library

Project description


A general purpose Python library.

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rktools is a general purpose Python Library. It is originally designed after the needs of several small tools during Python projects development.


The library is organized around dedicated modules for monitoring processes, for loggings events, and so forth:

  • loggers: A simple Python logging wrapper that provide additional features such as http server logging handler management...
  • monitors: A set of monitoring tools to provide visibility to the end user. For instance, it provide ProgressBar which is a tqdm wrapper, and so forth


rktools is currently supported only for Linux systems. However, since it is written with pure Python, it should run without any problem on all platforms.

Using pip

The easiest way to install rktools is using pip to fetch it from Pypi as follows:

$ pip install rktools 

Using rktools

The modules usage is as follows.


Import the init_logger function from the rktools.loggers module:

from rktools.loggers import init_logger

Declare and initialize a logger global (or local variable) :

logger = init_logger(name="test_monitors", config = config)

The returned logger object is an instance of Python logging.Logger class. Also notice that the Python logging package can be required if you want to override the logging level:

import logging
logger = init_logger(name="test_monitors", config = config, level = logging.getLevelName("DEBUG"))

Use the logger object the same way you use the Python logging.Logger object:

logger.debug("A debug message!")"A info message!")
logger.warning("A warn message!")
logger.error("A error message!")
logger.critical("A critical message!")

Find more details in the reference documentation here.


Import the ProgressBar class from the monitors module:

from rktools.monitors import ProgressBar


  • 0.0.1
    • Lib creation. Work in progress


Open a ticket / fork the project on GitHub, or send me an email at

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