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This module provides an interface to manage PWM on RLIEH systems

Project description


This module is intended to provide an interface to manage PWM on RLIEH systems.

Rlieh-pwm is a part of the [RLIEH project](
and can be used on a Raspberry Pi.

## Prerequisites

This module relies on [pi-blaster project]( providing 8_PWM channels at a 100Hz PWM frequency and 1000 PWM steps.

### Default supported GPIO pins

GPIO number Pin P1 header
4 P1-7
17 P1-11
18 P1-12
21 P1-13
22 P1-15
23 P1-16
24 P1-18
25 P1-22

## Install

### From source

git clone
cd rlieh-pwm
python3 install
### From pip

pip3 install rlieh-pwm
## Usage

### as Py module
>>> from rlieh_pwm.core import RliehPWM
>>> light = RliehPWM(pin=18)
>>> light.pwm = 0.420
>>> light.modulate(0.1, 80, duration=0.5)

### as CLI tool
$ rlieh-pwm set 0.42 18, duration=0
$ rlieh-pwm range 0.1 80 18 --duration=0.5

The CLI tool code shows a use case with LEDs to make some special effects such as
dusk, dawn, sunrise, sunset or even a thunderstorm with lightening effect.

rlieh@raspberry:~ $ rlieh-pwm -h
PWM management for RLIEH systems:

rlieh-pwm (on|off) GPIO [--log-level=LOG_LEVEL] [--log-path=LOG_FILE_PATH]
rlieh-pwm set VALUE GPIO [--log-level=LOG_LEVEL] [--log-path=LOG_FILE_PATH]
rlieh-pwm range BEGIN END GPIO [--duration=MINUTES] [--log-level=LOG_LEVEL]
rlieh-pwm fx-light (--dawn|--sunrise|--noon|--sunset|--dusk) GPIO
[--duration=MINUTES] [--log-level=LOG_LEVEL]
rlieh-pwm (-h |--help)
rlieh-pwm (-v |--version)

GPIO Raspberry Pi GPIO pin
VALUE Percent of modulation
minimal modulation = 0.01, power Off = 0, power On = 100

-h --help Shows this help and exit.
-v --version Shows version number.
--duration=MINUTES Duration of effect in minutes.
(Default value = 1.0)
--log-level=LOG_LEVEL notset, critical, warning, error, info, debug.
(Default value = notset)
--log-path=LOG_FILE_PATH Set log file path.
(Default value = /var/log/rlieh)

Use an alias to set a default GPIO (eg. alias light='rlieh-pwm $@ 18')

RLIEH puts a roXXXing poney in your aquarium and greenhouses

## Licence

Released under The [GPL v3 License](

Copyright (C) 2017 Olivier Watte

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