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Robot Framework plugin for lockable resources

Project description

Robot Framework Remote Resource Allocator

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Resource locking library for Robot Framework.


Library import

Library     RobotLockable       lock_folder=.   resource_list_file=example/resource.json    (hostname=hostname)

Available Keywords

keyword arguments note
lock <requirements> (<timeout_s>) Allocate resource using giving requirements
unlock <resource> Release resource

See more details using Remote library CLI to generate documentation: python3 RobotLockable/ --doc

Remote server

Library provide command line util robot_lockable that provide robot remote server for lockable functionality. This is useful when resources located remotely for test case.

robot_lockable --help
Usage: robot_lockable [OPTIONS]

  main function for remote plugin

  --port INTEGER              RemoteLockable server Port
  --host TEXT                 Interface to listen. Use "" to get access
                              from external machines

  --hostname TEXT             Hostname
  --resources_list_file TEXT  Resources list file
  --lock_folder TEXT          Lock folder
  --doc TEXT                  generate documentation. E.g. doc.html or list
  --help                      Show this message and exit.

Run Remote Server In Docker Container

Docker container is run using command below. Replace path to resource.json and hostname with project specific values:

docker run \
  -p 8270:8270 \
  -v <local path to the resource.json folder>:/<path to resource.json folder> \
  --hostname $(hostname) \
  jussiva/robot-lockable:latest \
  --resources_list_file <path to resource.json folder>

Full example

To run example resource allocator located in this repository, docker run command is:

docker run \
  -p 8270:8270 \
  -v $PWD/example:/example/ \
  --hostname hostname \
  --rm \
  jussiva/robot-lockable:latest \
  --resources_list_file /example/resource.json

Project details

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